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This page is currently undergoing a major revision. Content is subject to change or removal until this box is taken down. Thank you!

Welcome to The Japanese Page Forum Etiquette!

If you are new member, we highly suggest paying close attention to what is written down here. Although for most people this information would be known as common sense, it does not hurt to look over it anyhow. We appreciate your corporation. Thank you!

Every member is expected to abide by all rules and polices presented by The Japanese Page. Bad or questionable behavior will not be tolerated whatsoever under any circumstances. Failure to comply will lead to an immediate ban without prior warning. Returning repeat offenders IP address will be blocked from viewing our website. Behave like a mature adult or go somewhere else. We want this website to be enjoyable for everyone alike. You get more bees with honey than with vinegar and the same can be said about people too.

  • Abide by all TJP’s rules and polices!

You are required to do this, therefore it is not optional. This is to keep the website clean from unwanted content for all our viewers both young and old.
  • Read "FAQs" plus “Read before posting” threads!

You are obligated to read all “FAQs” along with "Read before Posting" threads before posting any information in our forums. If there are resources already there, use them first before taking that additional step. It can be both a waste of your time as well as ours. Our members frown at people who ask answered questions.
  • Follow the rules of safety!

Asking for someone's personal information such as an e-mail address on a public forum is a bad thing. Posting non-member’s (including celebrities) data with or without their permission is forbidden. An adult asking someone who is legally under the age of eighteen for any personal information is entirely prohibited. If you are unfamiliar with basic internet safety, then please neither post nor request anything outside The Japanese Page website. We here feel that personal safety should always be taken very seriously.
  • Do not use profane language!

Profane language is an unnecessary element for effective communication and therefore we do not allow it in our forums. Cursing can also start heated discussions.
  • No discrimination!

Everyone should know that discriminating is wrong. Nothing racist, sexist or even ageist should ever enter a constructive conversation. Never post something that you think might be interpreted as a discriminative statement.
  • No trolling!

Trolling is deliberately stirring up controversy. There are different types of trolls, but all like to stir up trouble.
  • Neither flame nor flame-bait!

Never insult a poster. Flaming is dedicating an entire post, or series of posts, toward insulting another person.
  • Avoid feeding trolls!

Now that you know what a troll is, you know how to fight them. Ignore them and don't respond since a troll feeds on attention. They will stop if you ignore them. Our moderators are responsible for disciplining here.
  • Nothing religious or politic is allowed!

The Japanese Page has a large audience with varying religious backgrounds, ideas and opinions. It is not beneficial toward learning the Japanese language. These topics are also known to start flamed discussions. It is best to avoid religion and politics here on our website.
  • Never insult moderators!

This is relatively common sense for everyone, but it unfortunately occurs much too often. Firstly a moderator is someone who has special administrative privileges to help maintain the website and keep everyone in harmony. Every person you talk to on this website should be treated respectfully as you would treat a relative or nobleman; everyone.

Create one post per topic or statement and do not multi post. Always give at least twenty-four hours before complaining no one has answered your post. Answer multiple responses to your question in one post instead of separately. Creating posts for the sole purpose of increasing post count is seen as spam.
  • Respect copyrights!

At all times please respect copyrights by not posting song lyrics or anything else that falls beyond the bounds of fair use. Don't recommend websites known for pirating, torrents and/or have a conversation recommending illegal activities of any form or likeness. If you're not sure it is legal, do not post it.
  • Research before questioning!

Research a topic thoroughly. Use The Japanese Page’s forum search function before posting. Laziness is frowned upon. Write a thread as a question if you are not entirely knowledgeable on the topic at hand to avoid negative criticism. We are not servants, yet we are more than happy to help if it is truly needed.
  • Show your effort!

Do not be afraid to show us all that research you have done after all that hard effort! (^_^) You will make friends that can help you later on doing that.
  • No double posting!

Thoroughly search your topic in forum search prior to creating a thread. Do not create a new one if there was a post that already answered your question. Double posts will be locked or deleted.
  • Never necropost without cause!

Reviving an old buried thread is necroposting. Checking the posted date is the easiest way to avoid doing that. It should stay buried when the thread was controversial or heated. If the thread was pertinent, then it might be ok to necropost.
  • Do not hijack threads!

Making a post that does not relate to the previous post in a thread is considered hijacking. Another form of hijacking is transforming someone else's thread into your own by asking a new question. The standard rule for posting is one thread per new unanswered question. It is best to start a new thread for a new question. Hijacking a tread is a form of contempt. If regular members start hijacking a thread, then it is usually a sign the rules of etiquette have been broken.
  • Use good grammar and spelling!

Using formal grammar and spelling is an internet standard. There is no exception on The Japanese Page. Please refrain from policing since not everyone here speaks English as a first language or is an adult. Write to the best of your ability.
  • Write formal, be brief!

The more concise your thread is, the more people will want to read it and potentially reply. Long paragraphs with unneeded details or words are annoying too. Nobody cares about your trip to Ireland or whatever when you are asking us about Japanese grammar?
  • Use white spaces!

Avoid creating large blocks of text. Many people will simply avoid reading it. Leave a space between the lines so it is easier on our eyes.
  • Shorten URL addresses!

Long URLs are unsightly. Use tinyurl etc... to shorten your URL or use bbcode [url=website]name/title[/url].
  • Say Thank You!

Taking the time to tell someone thank you goes a long way. We are here to help each other out and it truly means a lot.



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