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(This is only an idea for content) Model specs & User Reviews/comments Electronic dictionaries: G70

G70 Specs

English-Japanese Dictionaries:

  • English-Japanese Kenkyuusha's English-Japanese Unabridged Dictionary and Collocation guide
(like the Oxford dictionary, it gives examples of English words that are often found together) 380,000 words
  • Genius English-Japanese Unabridged Dictionary
255,000 words
  • Reader's English-Japanese Dictionary
2nd Edition 270,000 words
  • Reader's Plus
(new words, slang, place names and jargon are collected in this companion dictionary) 190,000 words

Japanese-English Dictionaries

  • Japanese-English Kenkyuusha's Japanese-English Dictionary
5th Edition (A favorite among translaters! The original edition began nearly 30 years ago and has been constantly updated since) 480,000 Entries

Katakana Dictionaries

  • Katakana Dictionary
3rd Edition, 55,200 Words

Kanji Dictionaries

  • Kanjigen Kanji Dictionary
Revised Edition, 13,112 characters with 48,000 jukugo (kanji combinations)

Japanese-Japanese Dictionaries

  • Super Daijirin Japanese-Japanese Dictionary
2nd Edition, 250,000 entries
  • Japanese Synonym Dictionary
79,000 Entries

English Dictionaries:

  • The New Oxford American Dictionary English-English
2nd Edition 250,000 Words
  • The Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus
310,000 Entries
  • New Oxford Dictionary of English
355,000 Words
  • Oxford Thesaurus of English
2nd Edition 600,000 Words
  • Oxford Guide to British and American Culture
2nd Edition 9,000 Entries
  • Oxford - A Dictionary of Business
3rd Edition 6,500 Entries
  • Oxford - A Concise Encyclopedia
12,000 Entries
  • Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
6th Edition 80,000 Words
  • Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English
9,000 Words/Linked words about 150,000 (9,000 words but a total of 150,000 examples are given of common compounds or words used together)
  • Asahi's Colloquial English Dictionary
23,000 Entries
  • USA Today's American Culture and History
12,000 Entries

Functions and Features

  • Menu Messages in Japanese or English
You can change the messages on the screen to English
  • Kanji stroke animation display
watch the correct stroke order stroke by stroke for most kanji
  • Stylus On-screen tapping
Use the stylus to easily navigate through any menu. Makes jumping a snap (actually a tap)
  • Real-Time Search
Possible 'hits' appear automatically as you type your query. This makes it possible to find the desired word rapidly
  • Search multiple dictionaries
  • Preview function
When searching and highlighting each hit, a 'pop-up' window appears that gives a brief explanation of that word. Your search list remains at the top while the pop-up window is used to quickly browse through the list to find the right word. See example to the right for the popup window.
  • Super Jump Function
Allows you to jump from any dictionary to any dictionary. If you find an unknown kanji, simply select it and jump to the Japanese-English dictionary to discover its meaning and pronunciation.
  • Example Sentence Search Function
You can search directly for example sentences using a word or words entered in English from the English-Japanese, Japanese-English, and Longman Essential Activator dictionaries.
  • Word Book
Holds words for each dictionary mode
  • History Function
Holds previously searched words can be kept in memory. You can review the list and jump to any previous search. Up to 50 past screens remembered
  • Spell Checker
Very Yousfull. Entering a misspelled word in the English dictionary will give the correct spelling.
  • Variant from Search Function
Entering a word's variant form will give the dictionary form
  • Explanatory Notes
Explains all about each dictionary
  • Hyperlink Function
(switching between dictionaries during operation)
Allows you to transfer a previously entered series of characters into another dictionary mode.
  • Character Size
Makes the font size larger or smaller
  • Basic Settings Function
The operational settings can be changed to make it easier for you to use the unit
  • And yes, you can turn off the beep
(in the settings menu)

Product Specs
Size & Weight

148×104×19 mm (size when closed)

About 288g with Batteries

2 Standard AA Batteries

About 100 hours life.
Screen info Largest Font size 24 dot
30 characters x 14 lines at 16 dot
40 characters x 40 lines at 12 dot
Keyboard Full Keyboard

Kana or Romaji (recommended) input

User Comments/Reviews

Comments go here

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