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Grammatical terms

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Parts of speech

名詞 meishi - noun (猫 neko cat, 本 hon book, 飛行機 hikouki plane...)

動詞 doushi - verb (食べる taberu to eat, 考える kangaeru to think, 話す hanasu to speak...)

形容詞 keiyoushi - adjective (青い aoi blue, かわいい kawaii cute, きれい kirei beautiful...)

副詞 fukushi - adverb

代名詞 daimeishi - pronoun (彼 kare he, 彼ら karera they, あなた anata you)

人称代名詞 ninshou daimeishi - personal pronoun

助詞 joshi - particle

Different types of verbs

自動詞 jidoushi - intransitive verb

他動詞 tadoushi - transitive verb

可能動詞 kanou doushi - potential verb

状態動詞 joutai doushi - stative verb

使役 shieki - causative (~seru or ~saseru)

受け身 ukemi - passive (~reru or ~rareru)

助動詞 jodoushi - auxiliary verb


~形 ~kei - ~form (て形 te-form, ない形 nai-form (negative form), ます形 masu-form...)

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