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This page is one of the Public Domain Help Pages, which can be freely copied into fresh wiki installations and/or distributed with MediaWiki software.

This page should lead you through the installation and configuration of a small wiki-family.


Scenario 1

You have a couple of wikis in different languages:

  • - english language
  • - french language
  • - german language
  • - media-files for all of these wikis (like Commons).

Scenario 2

Want to install more than one wiki on a single server, using the same source code, and using the same database? Here is how, including step-by-step instructions for a Unix-type of installation. This solution should work for most shared-hosting servers, too. Level of difficulty: Novice. See the instuctions here Srumberg


On your filesystem, create a folder for each wiki. Run the installationscript for each wiki. Each wiki needs an own MySQL-Database. The MySQL-user could be the same.



Now you have to set Interwikilinks between all wikis, by editing their MySQL-Databases

  • Table Interwiki
    • iw_prefix - enter the language-code of the wikis, "de" for german, "en" for english, "fr" for france and "pool" for the mediapoolwiki
    • iw_url - this is the place for the complete URL to the wikis, e.g. "$1" for the german wiki (don't forget the "$1" !!!).

Now you can link an article to the same in another languages. Adding [[de:Hauptseite]] on your english Main_Page will create a link "Deutsch" (under the Navigation bar) which leads to the Main_Page of the german wiki (Hauptseite). For further information visit Help:Interwiki linking


Make sure that folder "images" of the pool-wiki is writable.

It is usefull to change the "Upload file"-Link of the language-wikis to point to poolwiki's upload-site. Open the "LocalSettings.php" of each language-wiki and add:

$wgUploadNavigationUrl = '';

Use shared files

To use poolwiki's files in the languagewikis, open "LocalSettings.php" for each languagewiki and add:

$wgUseSharedUploads = true;
$wgSharedUploadPath = '';
$wgSharedUploadDirectory = '/(LOCALPATH)/POOL-FOLDER/images/';
$wgHashedSharedUploadDirectory = true;

Now you can integrate pool's files with (e.g.) [[Image:MyLogo.png]] in the languagewikis.

Image description

In each languagewiki, open (as an admin) the site: MediaWiki:Sharedupload.

Change the text to something like:

This file is stored in our data-pool. For information and description, please visit the  
[[pool:Image:{{PAGENAME}}|description there]].

If you want to output the media-description, stored in the PoolWiki, too, add to the "LocalSettings.php" of the languagewikis:

$wgFetchCommonsDescriptions = true;
$wgSharedUploadDBname = 'pool';  # DB-Name of PoolWiki
$wgSharedUploadDBprefix = 'wiki'; # Table name prefix for PoolWiki
$wgRepositoryBaseUrl = ""; 
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