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How to Link

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Quite a few people don't seem to know this so here's

How to link in TJP forum

  • [url][/url]

This creates a link that looks like If you highlight your link and click the [url] button it will add the [url][/url] for you automatically. Note that this should not be used for excessively long urls as it messes up the page display.

  • [url=]Google[/url]

This creates a link that looks like Google. Some people (OK, me) think that this doesn't stand out enough so you may want to add [b][/b] tags to the the link code.

  • [wiki]Just the FAQs[/wiki]

This creates a link to the wiki page Just the FAQs. Note that if you want to bold it then the [b] tags need to go outside the wiki tags. [b][wiki]Just the FAQs[/wiki][/b]

  • [wiki=Just the FAQs]FAQ[/wiki]

This creates a link to the wiki FAQ page.

How to link in the Shoutbox

URL links are broken in the Shoutbox, you can only use wiki links

  • [wiki=WP:FAQ]the FAQ Page[/wiki]

Links entered into the Shoutbox are affected by the 'auto-insert break' for long lines of text. A way around this is to create shortcut names and re-direct pages like WP:FAQ. To create a redirect page, do the following:

  1. Find the page you want to make a redirect to.
  2. Click "What links here" on the left and make sure there are no existing redirects (if there is one, it will be specified by the "redirect page" label)
  3. If there is no existing redirect, copy the title of the page you want to link to (exactly as it is written at the very top of the page)
  4. Enter the name of the shortcut you want in the search bar (i.e. WP:[short name here]). You will get an option to create the page if one doesn't exist already.
  5. On the new page, enter the following code. Replace the * * * with the name of the destination page that you copied in step 3. Do not add any quotes or remove any brackets.

#REDIRECT[[* * *]]{{R from shortcut}}

Save the changes for the page, and you're all set to link away!

For a listing of the currently available redirect pages see: Special:Listredirects.

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