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Quite a few people don't seem to know this so here's

How to link in TJP forum

This creates a link that looks like If you highlight your link and click the [url] button it will add the [url][/url] for you automatically. Note that this should not be used for excessively long urls as it messes up the page display.

This creates a link that looks like Google. Some people (OK, me) think that this doesn't stand out enough so you may want to add [b][/b] tags to the the link code.

  • [wiki]Just the FAQs[/wiki]

This creates a link to the wiki page Just the FAQs. Note that if you want to bold it then the [b] tags need to go outside the wiki tags. [b][wiki]Just the FAQs[/wiki][/b]

  • [wiki=Just the FAQs]FAQ[/wiki]

This creates a link to the wiki FAQ page.

Special note for Shoutbox users

  • [wiki=WP:FAQ]the FAQ Page[/wiki]

Links entered into the Shoutbox are affected by the 'auto-insert break' for long lines of text. A way around this is to create shortcut names and re-direct page like WP:FAQ.

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