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JLPT3 Chat Resources Summary

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This page is currently being considered for deletion.

There are many resources to help who wants to join the JLPT3 2007 Chat Study Group.

  • There is the main thread ([1])
  • There is the thread used to talk about learning materials and study topics ([2])
  • There is the list of active members ([3])

There are also, available in the Chatroom Schedule, the logs of the chat meetings.

To know more about JLPT please check this.

some comments on JLPT3Q Chat Study group

The JLPT3 2007 Chat study started the session on June, and had 15 sessions for 5 months. Our core members were almost same as the core members of The JLPT4 2006 Chat study group.The biggest problem was the time setting. During the sessions, some members had to get up early every Sunday morning. However we managed to set the session in which the members, whose time zone are various, could attend.

After August, we needed to prepare for the listening section, so we used a short funny video as a learning material.

The first half of the sessions, the session topic was decided by members' opinions posted on the thread. Before starting each session, we prepared some quiz relevant to each topic to make the session more effective.

Basically, the session was 120 minutes, sometimes it became 150 minutes. Therefore our members could share more than 30 hours. We could have learned a lot of things (not only language study) from that precious time. We really have spent good time.

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