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It is a common for beginners to ask what would be good Japanese TV shows to watch for practice, or for their children to watch for practice. This page is meant to create a space to compile a list of good answers.

What makes a good Beginner Show

A show for beginners will generally have a moderate speaking speed with good pauses between sentences, mostly consist of relatively short, simple and compound sentences as opposed to long compound-complex sentences, discuss commonplace topics, and contain lots of repetition. Ideally, one person makes a statement, and then a critical word gets echoed back in the form of a question, as happens often on children's shows. Hearing words repeated is very effective for learning new words, so it is to be preferred in a show recommended for beginners.

List of Shows

Pythagoras Switch (ピタゴラスイッチ) is a science show for young children. A sample can be found here.

Dogtato-kun (じゃがいぬくん, Jagainu-kun) Is a cute show also aimed at young children, involving the adventures of a half-potato, half-dog Jagainu-kun and his adventures with his friends.

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