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Questions about TheJapanesePage.com

How do you get the avatar picture to appear under your username?

You can upload an avatar on your Edit Profile page.

The avatar has to be 100x100 or smaller, and in either a format of .jpg, .gif or .png. If its not that small or the wrong format, then you can stick it in paint and adjust it that way.

If your image does not fit the regulation size, it will appear as a broken image. If you are having trouble with the image and one of the dimensions is 100px, try changing it to 99px.

How do I make a signature with a picture?

First of all you have to have a picture that fits the space allowed (100x400 pixels).

When you have a picture you want to use in your signature you have to upload it to an image hosting site. There are many free sites on the internet where you can upload and host your image. For instance: http://imagehack.us

When you’re done uploading your picture you get a link. As an example:


or something like that.

Edit your signature on your Edit Profile page, add the following code (using your link of course):


Remember that sig. graphics on the forum are limited to 100 pixels in height and 400 pixels in length. If you upload a larger image, you will quickly get messages asking you to alter or remove it.

Questions about using Japanese on my computer

Setting up a Mac OS X for Japanese

Japanese is built-in, and already loaded. You just have to activate it.

Navigate to [apple logo] -> System Preferences -> International -> Language

If you don't see "日本語" listed under the "Language" tab, click the "Edit List..." button. Scroll through the list and check the box next to "日本語".

Next, click the "Input Menu" tab. Scroll through the list and make sure the box for "あ Kotoeri" is checked. Also, at the bottom, there is an optional box "Show input menu in menu bar" that you can check to see the currently running input method next to your clock.

This only applies to OS X. For the steps on OS 9, please refer to Nihongoweb's Instructions.

Windows Instructions

http://www.declan-software.com/japanese_ime is the best place to look for good instructions.

A detailed tutorial with screenshots for Windows XP can be found here. A follow up tutorial on using the Windows IME can be found here.

Setting up Windows XP for Japanese

Navigate to Start -> Control Panel -> Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages Tab

Check "Install files for East Asian languages" -> Details -> Add

Select "Japanese" from the drop down list and press OK

Click Language bar. Check "Show language bar on desktop". Click "English" and change it to "Japanese". Click "Input Mode" and change it from "Direct Input" to "Hiragana" or "Katakana".

Using a Japanese Keyboard

Some instructions for Windows users: http://www.kurnspatrick.com/Support/keyboardmapping.htm

Does anybody have Mac/Linux instructions?

How do you type ゐ ゑ ヰ ヱ?

It depends on your IME.

IME Type This Get This
Anthy xwi
Anthy xwe
use F7 to get kakakana versions
MS IME* wi
  • Note that with MS IME you must henkan (type space) after entering we / wi to get desired character.

MS IME romaji table

"How do I say or write '....' in Japanese?" questions

You can try the wiki page How do I say "...." in Japanese?.

You can also try a dictionary.

Alternatively, you can search the Tanaka Corpus through WWWJDIC.

These kinds of questions are very common. If you can't find an answer on the linked pages, do a forum search and you might well find the answer.

Questions about learning Japanese

Where can I learn Japanese?

Here. That is from this WagaWiki (look at the Main Page and the categories Practice and Grammar). Also TheJapanesePage.Com (look at forum posts, articles, lesson links from the navigation bar etc).

Can somebody teach me Japanese?

Nobody is going to do everything for you for free. Post sensible specific questions in the forums and people will probably answer them. Practice writing Japanese in the forums and people will probably correct it. Don't forget the option of textbooks (see Selecting a Japanese Textbook) and taking classes.

What should I study first?

Hiragana first. It is the absolute basic thing to learn. It's easy enough to understand and utilise within a week or so and it goes very far to help you understand Japanese. Katakana is usually the next step. Katakana phonetically spells out foreign words in Japanese. Both syllabaries have the same sounds, but different characters. After that, learning is much easier.

Do I really have to learn Kanji?

If you want to be able to read and write passably in Japanese, yes. Kanji aren't difficult, but learning them is time consuming. Learn to love them early on and it will make your learning swifter and far more pleasant.

Questions about TheJapanesePage members

Is anyone here Japanese?

The short answer is yes. The more complex answer depends on the reason for asking this question. In general, unless studying very advanced Japanese, there are plenty of non-Japanese members that can answer any question accurately. The native Japanese usually only step in to answer if one of the other members answers incorrectly. Just remember that asking specifically for a Japanese person to answer a queston is usually considered rude and can alienate other members.

If a Japanese person is needed to fill out some kind of survey, then these requests are more tolerated. Follow standard survey practices, otherwise some who might be willing to take the survey may lose interest.

If on the other hand you are looking for a penpal it is better to use one of the standard pen pal connection venues. These are some links to sites some members have used.

Recommended reading material

Some of your questions have already been discussed on the forums. Please check these threads.

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