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Learning Japanese from media

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Learning the Japanese language from Japanese media can be a great and motivational way to study the language. This article organizes information useful in that pursuit.




The language found in manga can differ greatly from what one would encounter in real life Japan, particularly in its excessive crudeness. Characters in a manga may exchange words and expressions frequently that seem innocuous and elicit innocuous responses, but are fighting words to a Japanese person.

The following are some words that are best avoided entirely until you are proficient and well in-tune to the subtle situations where they may be appropriate.

The discussion forums contain detailed discussions on some of these words.

In general when writing and speaking the Japanese language, try to favor the forms you learned in your grammar books over what you read in a manga.

Outdated pop culture

Manga has been around for decades and so the manga you choose to read may be somewhat dated. Japanese, just like any language, is subject to passing fads in words, expressions, and cultural references -- something to bare in mind as you read.

Particular media

Additional reading

Tae Kim on slang

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