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*[[User:Paul_b|Paul_b]] is looking at the [[Lessons]].
*[[User:Paul_b|Paul_b]] is looking at the [[Lessons]].
*A start of [[User:Keatonatron|Keatonatrons]] [[Writing and Conversation Points]].
*A start of [[User:Keatonatron|Keatonatrons]] [[Writing and Conversation Points]].
*[[User:Ongakuka|Ongakuka]] is working on a grammar based FAQ.
*[[User:Ongakuka|Ongakuka]] is working on a grammar based FAQ [wiki=]Here[/wiki].
== The Frequently Asked Questions ==
== The Frequently Asked Questions ==

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Welcome to WagaWiki

How to Contribute

There are two easy ways to create content 1) Do a search for any topic. If there isn't a page, you will be given a chance to create the page. 2) Or if you create a link (to an as of yet not created page) and save that page (for example a link to a main category from the home page) the link will allow anyone to click on and create.

Hopefully that makes sense. Basically when you click on a link or search for a page that doesn't exist, you will be asked to create it.


Paul came up with some great ideas for where this should be heading. Perhaps we can work on it here (or move it to the policies page)

In sum, Paul said, "Basically I'm thinking of aiming at achieving something where you can say "start here" to beginners and they'll have both a clear linear progression of lessons that cover absolute basics and links to separate articles in depth when available."

clay wrote: Do we have a set goal with what we want to accomplish with the WagaWiki? I mean, boundaries of topics covered or a basic plan for where and how it should go?

If we can create a mission statement and carve up a list of goals, we may be able muster the troops better.

Paul_b wrote: Well I can think up a few suggestions for a start.

  • WagaWiki isn't going to be a dictionary.

I know dictionaries (WWWJDIC) and there is no way in heck that we're going to duplicate that effort. So vocabulary lists and word definitions should be kept to those of special interest or those of immediate use in an article.

  • WagaWiki is a great place to answer good / common questions.

Next time you find yourself answering a question you've answered half a dozen times before think about creating a wiki page and linking instead.

  • WagaWiki is a great place for articles on the Japanese language.

People can easily add new details / links / corrections instead of just using the (often ignored) comments. Wiki articles should also be easier to find your way around and have better interconnectivity (with the categories, links and features like 'recently changed' and 'most popular' page lists).

I would suggest that all new articles have a copy put on WagaWiki.

  • WagaWiki probably isn't going to be a textbook.

But that doesn't mean we can't make it useful to people learning Japanese.

Proper textbooks require a high level of organization and professional style that is going to be very difficult to achieve (as can be seen from my partially successful attempts at Grammar page 1 and Grammar page 2).

Where's the Help?

In addition to the minimal Local Help, you can also check out Wikipedia's Help and MetaWikipedia's Help for all the help you could ever need. We can't make a full local copy of the help due to copyright issues.

About Logging In

You can login using the link at the top of the page. Your username and password are the same as your TheJapanesePage.Com account.

Table of Contents


The Frequently Asked Questions

In the course of human events, many questions are asked over and over and over. We've collected these questions and sometimes even the answers here: Just the FAQs

But first, you should read How to Ask a Question

Original Information

MediaWiki has been successfully installed.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

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