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お土産 Omiyage

Gift ideas for taking with you to Japan

Japan is a gift giving nation. Often it is expected of you to hand out small souvenirs after trips. While it isn't required, it is a good idea to take with you some small trinkets when first going to Japan.

Please add to or make comments on this list:

  • A dollar's worth of new, shiny pennies ((or your country's smallest currency - just go to the bank and ask). Children love these as a souvenir
  • Box of chocolates (great for taking care of a whole family, office workers, etc. - any famous confectionery brand in your country)
  • Any good coffee, especially Kona and Blue Mountain.
  • Decaf Coffee - Not easily found in Japan (but may not be wanted either!)
  • Items from your culture. For example I took a nice miniature Statue of Liberty or a photo book on American nature...
  • T-Shirts with a print of something relating to your country.
  • Some sort of toy you don't think you'd find in Japan. (for children, of course)
  • Music CDs from your country
  • Clothes with designs from your country
  • Snacks

Two_Heads_Talking: Your gifts should involve you, your culture, and something they are interested in.

Please add to the list and make plenty of comments on how effective these suggestions are.

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