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Pitch accents

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  • Japanese Pronunciation Guide for English Speakers by Y. Fujito, et al published by Bojinsha
  • NHK 日本語発音アクセント辞典
  • [] contains pitch accent markings.
Type the word (in kana or kanji) into the box, make sure the 国語 option is selected, and then hit enter. There will be a small box to the right with results. The reading of each word will be given with a small number after it. That number is where the accent falls, with 0 meaning no accent, 1 meaning accent on the first mora, 2 on the second, and so on. For instance, 大学 has an accent of 0, and コンビューたー has an accent of 3.
  • Pocket Kenkyusha Japanese Dictionary. Accent is indicated over the Romaji header.
Do be aware of how pitch accent works, though. An accent of 0 and an accent on the last syllable are pronounced the same way, but if the word is followed by a particle, then the particle is pronounced high if the accent was 0, and low if it was not.


These textbooks indicate pitch accent throughout all dialogues, not just in a short lesson or appendix the way most other textbooks do--if they address it at all.

  • Japanese Step-by-Step
  • Colloquial Japanese
  • Japanese for Everyone


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