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Quiz 2

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This is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of particles. Each sentence is missing a particle, see if you can work out which one it is.

For best results write the answers in kana on paper.

When you have written the answer down highlight the sentence and you should be able to see the answer.

Q1. Jim Breen is famous.
ジム・ブリーン(は / が)有名です。
jimu buri-n (wa / ga) yuumei desu.
Note that the topic particle は wa overrides some other particles including the subject particle が ga. Without context it is impossible from the English to tell if "Jim Breen" is the topic or not.

Q2. I'm going to Japan tomorrow.
あした日本(へ / に)行きます。
ashita nihon (e / ni) ikimasu.
Note that in this context either へ or に would be acceptable.

Q3. I bought a computer.
konpyu-ta- o kaimashita.

Q4. Yesterday I bought a computer and a television.
kinou, konpyu-ta- to terebi o kaimashita.
Note that と is used for an exclusive list, nothing other than the television and computer was bought.

Q5. I like both cake and ice cream
ke-ki mo aisukuri-mu mo suki desu.

Q6. I studied Japanese at TJP.
TJP de nihongo o benkyou shimashita.

Q7. I'm going to Japan in December.
juuni gatsu ni nihon ni ikimasu.
Note that in this context, when the partcle doesn't involve a direction, it can't be へ but can only be に

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