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Quiz 3

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This is a simple quiz to test your ability to conjugate verbs and use other concepts introduced in this page. It uses vocabulary taken from the JLPT level 4 list.

For best results write the answers in kana on paper.

For each question you are given a sentence in English and the vocabulary to use. Write the answer down in Japanese then highlight the space after the question and you should be able to see the answer. Don't forget to use the polite (~ます) form.


  • セーター (n) sweater; jumper; (P)
  • 忘れる 【わすれる】 (v1,vt) to forget; to leave carelessly; to forget (an article); (P)


  • I forgot my sweater.

A1. わたしはわたしのセーターを忘れました。watashi wa watashi no se-ta- o wasuremashita.
NOTE: Pronouns after often omitted from Japanese as understood. The above could also be just セーターを忘れました。

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