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Quiz 4

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This is a simple quiz to test your ability to conjugate adjectives and use the constructions introduced in Grammar page 3. Each sentence is missing some parts, see if you can work out what they are.

For best results write the answers in kana on paper.

When you have written the answer down highlight the sentence and you should be able to see the answer.

Q1. Why do you like anime?
(どうして / なぜ)アニメがすきですか。
(doushite / naze) anime ga suki desu ka.

Q2. What do you want to do?
nani ga shitai desu ka.

Q3. Clay is a really nice man.
クレイさんは(とても / とっても)いい人ですよ。
kureisan wa (totemo / tottemo) ii hito desu yo.

Q4. There is a panda in our garden!
panda ga niwa ni imasu yo.
NOTE: The panda is alive so います not あります

Q5. Do you think Paul will come to the party?
ポールさん(は / が)パーティーに来ると思いますか。
po-ru san (wa / ga) pa-thi- ni kuru to omoimasu ka.
NOTE: Many romaji systems do not have a way of writing ティ unambiguously. thi is wa-puro romaji, that is romaji used by wordprocessors. In 99shiki it would be written tji.

Q6. I want a girlfriend.
kanojo ga hoshii desu.
Applicants to blay.paul AT

Q7. Er ... sorry what did you say?
eeto, ... sumimasen. nani o iimashitaka.

Q8. I want to go to Japan, but I haven't got any money.
日本にいきたい (でも / けど / けれど) おかねがありません
nihon ni ikitai (demo / kedo / keredo) okane ga arimasen
NOTE: Money 金(かね) often has お added to make it more polite.

Q9. The plane flew high in the air.
hikouki wa sora ni takaku tobimashita.高くとびました。

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