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The shoutbox is for everybody to use.

However to keep the contents from scrolling out of sight too fast please keep to questions that can be answered in only one or two short replies. Wide ranging or ambiguous questions should be asked in the appropriate forum. For the same reason the shoutbox is not suited for chatting - if you want to chat with someone then please see the How do I get on Chat? page. New users are advised to introduce themselves in the Introductions forum.

Do not use the shoutbox repeatedly without waiting for replies - that is spamming

Good question:

  • Is こんにちわ bad Japanese?

(Can be answered quickly)

Bad questions:

  • Where can I find good sites on JLPT?

(Links don't display well in the Shoutbox)

  • Please teach me about adverbs.

(Too wide ranging)

*Good statement:

Hi, I'm new here - よろしく. (A post in the Introductions forum as well will get longer replies)

*Bad statement:

I want to talk about/in Japanese, please reply! (Sounds like chat)

Concluding remark

Please bear the above in mind, and have fun with the Shoutbox.

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