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TJP's Username Policy

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Generally here at TJP this is not an issue we face too often; however there have been some cases of people creating questionable, confusing or an offensive username. If you wouldn’t want someone calling you it in real life, then it is probably best you don’t use it here or elsewhere on the internet either.

Failing to comply with all the following can lead to a permanent ban. Returning repeat offenders IP address will be completely banned from viewing The Japanese Page website.

1. Profanity in a username is not tolerated.

2. A username may not contain sexist, racist or even ageist words.

3. Please don’t scramble your username in complete gibberish such as 4g5d6sbd or dedvsh. This is both hard for you and our members to memorize/recognize. Quite simply it makes no sense to do this.

4. Your username can be in either Latin-based or Japanese characters; no other characters are permitted to be used. If you’re planning to use Japanese characters, know what it actually means before you go using it. Your username should be unique enough that a novice Japanese reader won’t confuse you with another member of a similar name.

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