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日本語学習ページは山ほどあります。熱心な学習者は、参考書の他にもそれらのサイト、あるいはフォーラムなどで自分の疑問を解消してくれる答えを探そうとします。けれども、なかなか答えは見つけにくいもの。熱心な学習者が抱く疑問には 読んでいて「もっともな疑問」と思えるものがたくさんあります。そしてTJPでも過去にそれらの質疑がなされ、また頻度は少ないものの繰り返されています。しかし貴重な答えもスレッドの宿命として、時間の彼方に葬られてゆきます。それを活用しやすくしたい、というのがこのページの趣旨です。



Lookin' good

Great idea for an article coco! I'm still making my way through the threads in the article.

What do you think of titling the article "A learner's progressing questions"?

  • Thanks Gundaetiapo-san, I'm going to change the title.^^--Coco  18:16, 24 June 2007 (EDT)

●Title: Numbers… (Date: 26/09/05)

Keyword(s): Arabic numbers, kanji

Synopsis: I asked when should Arabic numbers be used and when kanji.

このスレッドと同じ内容かな? 15 Versus 十五

●Title: Japanese names(Date: 29/09/05)

Keyword(s): Japanese names, kanji

Synopsis: I asked how Japanese people deal with their kanji-names.

●Title: particle が ( Date: 12/10/05)

Keyword(s): potential verbs, が/を

Synopsis: I asked why was が used instead of を in a phrase with a potential verb.

●Title: 勉強 (Date: 18/11/05)

Keyword(s): 日本語の勉強

Synopsis: I asked the difference between ~を勉強します and ~の勉強をします.

●Title: 分 and 通 - Meaning (Date: 16/12/05)

Keyword(s): 分 and 通 :-P

Synopsis: I was confused with the meanings of分 and 通. I don’t think it’s that useful, but who knows…

●Title: Formal -> Informal (Date: 16/01/06)

Keyword(s): Informal Japanese

Synopsis: I was confused on how to write informal Japanese. Go figure.

●Title: Virtually polite? (Date: 30/01/06)

Keyword(s): penpal, politeness

Synopsis: I was wondering how polite I should be to a Japanese penpal.

●Title: Origin of “Japan” (Date: 15/02/06)

Keyword(s): Nihon, 日本, Chinese, Cantonese

Synopsis: I was wondering why Japan is called “Japan” in English and not “Nihon” or something.

●Title: Comparative(Date: 04/03/05)

Keyword(s): comparative in Japanese

Synopsis: I asked how to form the comparative in Japanese.

●Title: potential form question (Date: 06/03/06)

Keyword(s): できる, ~ことができる

Synopsis: I was trying to understand the potential form. I’m actually quite proud of this thread hehe.

●Title: Polite speech and education(Date: 08/03/06)

Keyword(s): polite speech, well-educated, civilized

Synopsis: I wondered if there are people who speak in polite speech all the time.

●Title: Osaka accent (Date: 05/03/06)

Keyword(s): Osaka accent

Synopsis: I was wondering what was special about Ôsaka-ben.

●Title: Counter for kanji (Date: 11/03/06)

Keyword(s): counter for kanji, 字

Synopsis: I was wondering how should kanji be counted.

●Title: Yokatta? ( Date: 11/03/06)

Keyword(s): “stating what you see”

Synopsis: I wondered why “yokatta!” was in the past form. I found keat-san’s post here enlightening, I think that should be included in the WagaWiki somewhere (this “stating what you see” thought).

●Title: should (Date: 25/03/06)

Keyword(s): should

Synopsis: I didn’t know how to say someone “should” do something.

●Title: Mixing polite and plain…politely (Date: 14/04/06)

Keyword(s): talking to yourself

Synopsis: I was wondering to what extent could I use plain speech without being rude.

●Title: Women using 僕 (Date: 02/05/06)

Keyword(s): 僕, Ayumi Hamasaki, songs, lyrics, gender change operation ;-)

Synopsis: Are women who use 僕 tomboyish or what?

●Title: くちゃは? (Date: 16/05/06)

Keyword(s): くては、くちゃ、ダメ

Synopsis: I was a tad bit confused about this contraction.

●Title: Just confused (Date: 26/05/06)

Keyword(s): だけ、しか、ばかり

Synopsis: I was confused with these ways to say “just” or “only”. Again, keat-san’s post was enlightening. (Everytime I have doubts about this, I remember his girlfriend-example haha).

●Title: sentence final かな(か+な)(Date: 23/05/06)

Keyword(s): かな

Synopsis: Tsk, I remember this thread very well, it gave me a few headaches. I must re-read it.

●Title: そう(Date: 04/06/06)

Keyword(s): そう, seems like, likely outcome

Synopsis: I was wondered about one use of the multi-purpose そう.

●Title: I hope you can help me (Date: 04/06/06)

Keyword(s): ように

Synopsis: I wondered how to say “I hope…”.

●Title: Katakana - impolite? (Date: 09/07/06)

Keyword(s): katakana, emphasis

Synopsis: Is katakana impolite? Apparently, it isn’t.

●Title: Short しまう question (Date: 09/07/06)

Keyword(s): しまう

Synopsis: “Popping the しまう back out” when nothing had happened was one of the hardest things I had to learn. Really. I wish I’d read that しまう can’t be used in those cases before!

●Title: なさい - 2 questions (Date: 09/07/06)

Keyword(s): なさい

Synopsis: Learning more about なさい.

●Title: ここでじゃありません? (Date: 13/07/06)

Keyword(s): でではありません、でじゃありません

Synopsis: Just thinking about this thread makes me angry! Probably my least favorite thread ever.

●Title:Adding 達 to show plural? (Date: 24/07/06)

Keyword(s): 達、等、々

Synopsis: Questions about some funky plurals.

●Title: 帰国子女 (Date: 01/08/06)

Keyword(s): 帰国子女

Synopsis: 帰国子女 :-P

●Title: ほんと? (Date: 10/08/06)
Keyword(s): ほんと、ほんとう、本当

Synopsis: Is ほんと a typo or what?

●Title:つとめる (Date: 03/10/06)

●Title: plain in the middle, polite in the end (Date 04/12/06)
Keyword: polite、来なかったので、来ませんでしたので、 ので、から

●Title: くれる or あげる between in-group members (Date 07/12/06)
Keyword(s):あげる くれる 授受動詞、やりもらい動詞

●Title: girls and boys - umbrella terms (Date 21/12/16)
Keyword(s): 女性、女の子、姉さん


●Title:Without ever having...(Date 12/05/07)

●Title:You had better help me!(Datte 12/05/07)


These are the rest of the threads by me. Maybe there are some semi-useful ones, but probably not.:




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★ [sic]

会いたいな 言いたいの

Yamamoto Nadesico

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Sit, boy!

Long sentence: ある一人の人間が・・・

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up and died

これらについて過去のスレッドを整理し、質疑をわかりやすくまとめたら、もっともふさわしいページに付け足すか編集しなおすなどして活用しやすくさせるつもりです。 Tanukiさん。ご協力、ありがとう。--Coco  20:39, 17 August 2006 (EDT)

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