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I'm in two minds about whether the use of くせに in the following example sentence is appropriate.


To be right there should be a natural assumption that people who know gossip will know politics. Also with くせに it is usually (although I don't think 100% always) the case that the bit before くせに says something _bad_ about the person spoken of. I don't think there's anything wrong about knowing nothing about politics. :-P

If I was going to try to write an example sentence for that I might have ...

山田さん、近所の噂には耳が早いくせに、自分の家族ときったら無関心です。 Mr Yamada, despite being the first to pick up on the neighborhood rumours when it comes to his own family he couldn't care less.

... but I'm not a native speaker so shouldn't be trusted.

You're probably right. I'll run your example by Yumi when she wakes up (taking a nap while Makoto is sleeping!). Or if someone else happens to see this before then...

  • 「近所の噂には耳が早い」は,あまり使わないと思います。「耳が早い」自体で「噂を聞きつける」という意味があるからです。頭が頭痛に近いかな。この場合だと「耳ざとい」のがふさわしいけど、会話では頻発に聞く言葉ではありません。「くせに」は確かに、非難が込められていると受け取られることの多い表現です。




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