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Infidel-san, Here is the page. if you don't mind, please add your score, thank you.
私が平均レベルだと思われるのも癪なので、日本人のみなさんもよろしければ挑戦してスコアを伸ばしてください。--Coco  11:28, 26 August 2007 (EDT)

R/L聞き分け B/V 聞き分け S/TH聞き分け 母音聞き分け
C (Japanese) 68% 47% 75% 36%
G ( native speaker) 100% 91% 87% 72%
I ( native speaker) 99% 93% 100% 81%


ココさん、 そのページは変な文あります この文は詳しくはこちらをを参照して下さいと言います。「をを」は間違いすか。ありがとうございます。--Infidel 02:38, 27 August 2007 (EDT)

Infidel-san のご指摘のとおり、「を」は間違いです。「詳しくはこちらを参照してください」が正しい文章です。
そのページは変な文があります。 そこは「詳しくはこちらをを参照して下さい」と書いてあります。 「をを」は間違いはありませんか。
ご参考までに。^^--Coco  03:45, 27 August 2007 (EDT)

Test Comments

On the first test, I noticed that Lead was misspelled leed. I never heard of the word Lank, and the second girl's accent made it hard to hear the r when it was second in a word, like Broom.

Second test was much harder to distinguish many words. I had to hit repeat a lot more often.

Last test was extremely difficult and unfair I thought. First, the a and backwards c hot-rock and caught-walk respectively sounds sound exactly the same to me. In fact, if I were to tell someone how to pronounce caught, I would say like cot or hot. I've always learned that augh = o (ah) sound. Probably a bigger deal though, there was no button for the "I" sound (あい) and I definitely heard it a few times but there was no button for it. Also, the nonsesse syllables made the test very confusing. I had to hit replay an average of 5 times per question before I felt confident I was isolating the correct sound.


Translation Neededjeshewood-san 日米交換船 It's a boy(key word:imperious family) Site Move Information06.06 人vs 方 ( 御方様) terms of endearment

Trial (line 1-4) Crashed Trial (line 5-10) Please correct me( key word: hcp)

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Haiku Rice planting Arrr! How be ye t'day? Arrr! Bad grade... suggestions?


"We ran into unexpected issues with the data migration scripts on third try. I would like to try this early next week once my senior developer returns. I would like to confirm once more in dev first then redo this hopefully next week."

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