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充実してきましたね。えっと、拗音( ゃ ゅ ょ) と促音(っ)の出し方も、加えていただけると参考になるかもしれません。カタカナの拗音などは単独で出すのが難しい場合もありますし チャットではよく「ぁ」とか「ぉ」などをどう出すのか聞かれますので。よろしくお願いします。m(_)m (頭にxつければいいんだけっけ?)-Coco  22:25, 2 August 2006 (EDT)


I tried to make a headline link directly to a page and it didn't work. Instead it links down the page and the reader has to click the title again. So I had to make a mini-category.

1.1 How do you get the avatar picture to appear under your username?

In this thread there is an unconfirmed report of problems with avatars created with MS Paint.

Also is the physical size limit of the image file still 20kb ?

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