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Q1. It's asking me for a sound file, what's all that about?

A1. I've just updated it to play a "nice" sound if you get a question right instead of the "nasty" beep when you get it wrong. It's set to use 'chime.wav' in 'C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA\' but you should be able to change that to any .wav file on your computer.

Q1a. I told it to use the system BEEP but I've changed my mind - how do I get it back to playing a .wav file?

A1a. The directory/file names are stored in the "Settings" sheet. Where it says "BEEP" write the name of the sound file directory (default is C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA\).

Q2. I've installed the Stroke Order font but it doesn't display in the "Last Kanji" cell, what's up?

A2. You need to install the font before starting Excel.

Q3. Why is this an Excel spreadsheet file?

A3. Because it was handy and I know VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). I plan to produce a mult-platform version in a proper programming language some time but that may take some time.

Q4. What does "Grade 1" mean?

A4. The grades referred to correspond to the school year when Japanese children learn these kanji. They are arranged by usefulness of kanji rather than difficulty to write or number of strokes etc. "Grade 10" is a catch all for kanji not taught in the Japanese education system.

Q5. I've finished Grade 1, now what?

A5. Ask me when the Grade 2 files are coming out. I've aready started work on one.

Tips and Hints

  • Run this as the only file open in Excel. If you have 'Grade1.xls' open at the same time as another file you may get some errors occuring.


How about a different beep when an incorrect answer is given than when a correct answer is given?

Done.Paul b

技術的に可能かどうかわかりませんが、50問中40問正解を超えたとき正解音を変えるようにできますか? また50問全問正解の場合だけ拍手の音が鳴る(確かウインドウズの音にあったような…)という設定にしたらどうでしょう。--Coco  21:38, 8 January 2007 (EST)

技術的にはそんなに難しくないです。ただ、プログラムを遅くするのは避けたいんです。検討中ってとこです。Paul b

For to-do furigana. You could probably go on and use their kana page that automatically adds furigana to text with a copy and paste operation. Paste into, hit enter, then copy out of the display page back into excel and just breake the sentences apart again.

Still not that trivial when there are 600 sentences to do for just 80 kanji. That means there are more than 20 times as many to do after Grade 1. ^ ^;; Paul b
The interface won't work with all text (there is some "inappropriate for children" list it seems to check, and if it finds one of those phrases, it won't touch the page), and you still have to proofread the furigana afterwards to make sure it chose the right reading. (方 seems to be a frequent offender in this latter category.)richvh

True, I was just trying to come up with a way to save effort. Infidel

It's apprechiated (even if I can't spell apprechiate), don't know how long it will take me to look into it in detail though.

Weird or difficult sentences

See Example sentence correction (it was getting too large for here).

Bug Reports

Sometimes when clicking on a kanji, it does not appear in the kanji selected window and needs to be clicked a few times to "take."

Anybody else experience this? It may be due to Excel being "busy" after doing the last operation. In other words - does it still occur if you are relatively slow to click? Also note that clicking the same position twice does not register. The 'selection point' should be moved to the stroke count automatically after checking an answer but if the event doesn't fire once clicking the same kanji again should not have any effect. Clicking away to a different kanji and back should work. Paul b
OK I think I have fixed this problem (with a crude workaround) if the kanji doesn't change after you click it just wait a moment and it will. Paul b

Paul, did you want to be notified of the places where the highlight didn't take correctly? I just started testing it with question 18. It should highlight "woods" but instead highlights "I got a lot of insect bites in the woods. Rykk

Some data had slipped a row out of place. ^ ^; Should be fixed now. Paul b

Official ToDo List

I'm moving these from the excel file to here so they're easier to see.

  1. Other grades
  2. Learn Python.
  3. Easier sentences.
  4. Edit Lock non-editable portions of sheet. (not sure how this works)

Under Consideration List

  1. Changing sentences to ~masu form.
  2. Highlight word in English
  3. Full furigana (probably too time consuming)
  4. ON Readings to カタカナ
  5. Use of 'Hint' at end of English sentence where there is no word that directly corresponds to the Japanese word being tested for. If you are interested in this idea post some feedback!
  6. Audible (or other) feedback when 40/50 and/or 50/50 questions are correct in the current section.
  7. Re-consider wording for and display of 'reading'. (Possibly display in brackets in the 'last question' or as furigana).

Official Bug List

  1. The stroke order font character for 雲 has a number missing. (Corrected in current release of font)
  2. The stroke order font character for 広 has '2' switched with '3'. (Corrected in current release of font)
  3. The 'new question' selection routine will sometimes (rarely) produce a blank question.

Recent Changes.

  1. Font size increased on 'Big Kanji'.
  2. Fixed problem where some sentences didn't have the "with kana" version work.
  3. Implemented scoring
  4. Automatically add new question after answering question.
  5. Added import/export facility for scores.
  6. Replace pop-up message box with something a little less obtrusive.
  7. This time really fixed a bug (run time error on setting 'last asked' value section)
  8. Implemented "Don't know" System. Choose this when you don't know the kanji rather than guessing.
  9. Fixed bug that occurred when clicking 'Check answer' when no question shown.
  10. Don't ask the same question twice
  11. Divide up into 50 question sections.
  12. Added 'kana' for all the kanji.
  13. (Full) implemention of "Section" System.
  14. Added different sound for "Correct".
  15. (Partially) implemented "Highlight English" system.
  16. Fixed (hopefully) bug where kanji clicked is not always selected.
  17. I have removed the spin control, please type the stroke number directly
  18. I have decided to drop the 'flashing CORRECT/INCORRECT' as I think the sound works much better.
  19. I have made a few changes to speed up the program's operation
  20. Added function to display dictionary entries for words.
  21. Dictionary entry display is now an Option that can be 'checked' on and off.
  22. Thanks to Robert English Highlight function has been expanded to cover all sentences that have a corresponding English word(s).
  23. Thanks to Coco for many more sentence corrections. Sentence checking is now nearly complete (although some new sentences are needed and feedback is still welcome)
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