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How about adding Akiru's "I was born and raised in Japan"?

Something on Tony as パパ would do nicely too. Gundaetiapo 18:45, 5 July 2007 (EDT)

Believe it or not, I did originally consider putting パパ on the list. However, to be a shibboleth, a word or phrase has to reach a certain standard of common use, right now only SS-san and Coco-san call Tony パパ that I have seen, which makes the word more of a personal quirk shared between the two of them. Same with "I was born and raised..." I don't recall seeing other posters use it.
I do want to clarify that this page was not created to facilitate the artificial creation of new shibboleths, but to reveal ones created naturally from community experience. Exclusive communities create shibboleths to exclude new members from an "elite" inner-circle and keep them there. Since TJP is an inclusive community that seeks to teach and raise others up and not exclude from some inner-circle, I would be terribly disappointed if the creation of this page were used for that purpose.
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