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This page is for those interested in using the Japanese multi-player game Trickster to practice Japanese. Try putting the transcripts through WWWJDIC's translate words function.



選手 キャラ レベル タイプ
aKuMu stixx
ashitaka ff8ff8 57
CajunCoder ケジョン
Clay 粘土
datdo datdo 20
elXco Cmaster
Ezrach Avner  21
Infidel アニモネ 5 感覚型 (フォックス)
Oni 青鬼 10
Paul_b J1mmy 29 攻撃型(バッファロー)
richvh Calorien 36 魅力型(ラクーン)
CowardlyLion 17 感覚型(ライオン)
BuffaloBabalui 10 攻撃型(バッファロー)
Zinzo Shenji 23
aoisatomi ブルーハート 14 魅力型(キャット)
^∀^ダーク・ハート 1 魔法型(ドラゴン)
アクアマリーン☆ 4 感覚型 (フォックス)


  1. You need to set the Language for non-Unicode programs on the Advanced tab of the Regional and Language Options dialogue to Japanese before playing, or all text in-game will be screwed up.
  2. PrintScreen button for screen captures - Other screen capture utilities are blocked by the security software.
  3. If you run in full screen mode the display may corrupt if you switch to other programs. If that happens then

disable utilities that use pop-up windows.

  1. <ESC> to logout / return to menu.
  2. When running in window mode it captures the mouse - <ALT>+<TAB> to leave game.
  3. There can be a bit of a wait when doing an "Area transition". Don't lose patience.

Finally, try to talk as much in Japanese as possible in the game - even between 外人ズ members ;-).

Creating your character

Here are some points to bear in mind. There are basically two sorts of ways to earn levels in Trickster - drillin' and killin'. (Er, it's not as violent as that sounds ;-)

When creating your character your character type determines your primary orientation from the four subsets of characteristics. Your primary orientation has to be a '4' while the others add up to 6 in total, so it's important that it matches your preferred style of play. If you like fighting monsters 攻撃型 is an obvious choice while if you like drilling to find stuff then 感覚型 might be good. So what are the other two orientations for? Well 魅力型 covers 最大HP、防御力 and 回避力 so if you have 4 in 攻撃型 and 1 in 魅力型 then you're a bit like a boxer with a good punch but a glass jaw. The 魔法型 orientation covers use of, and defense from, magic. That also includes any skill that uses MP (things like power attack for fighter types and such). Somebody with a 4 in 魔法型 might end up a relatively weak character but one that can suplement their abilities with powerful skills and spells. Note that magic user types tend to be weak at early levels.

One final point - as well as automatic advancement with level you can add bonus points to individual attributes. (I missed out on that ^ ^;;; )


4114: The tank, high power and defense, but bad drillers and mages
1414: The tough mage, high magic abilities that can take anything thrown at them.
4123: The Skilled fighter with some criticals thrown in.
2242: The ninja packmuke, can carry a lot of loot with lots of luck and a great driller. Can you say Critical Hits?


  • From the initial splash screen
プレイ purei Play
環境設定 kankyousettei Environmental settings
ファイルチェック fairu chekku File Check
終了 shuuryou End
  • From the SELECT SERVER screen
ファンタジア Fantasia 
接続  setsuzoku connect
  • From the SELECT CHARACTER screen
削除 sakujo delete
作成 sakusei create
戻る modoru go back
確認 kakunin confirm
  • From the CREATE CHARACTER screen
seisei suru kyarakuta- no namae o erande kudasai Please select name of character to generate
タイプ taipu type
職業 shokugyou occupation
女子高生 joshi kousei female high school student
名前 namae name
髪の色の選択 kami no iro no sentaku hair color selection
成長目標を選んでください seichou mokuhyou o erande kudasai choose target for development
攻撃型 kougekigata Attack type
攻撃力 kougekiryoku Attack power
命中率 meichuuritsu Accuracy to hit
敏しょう性 binshousei Sensitivity
魔法型 mahougata Magic type
最大MP saidai MP Max MP
魔力 mahouryoku Magic power
魔法防御 mahoubougyo Magic defence
感覚型 kankakugata Sensitive (Scout) type
所持力 shojiryoku Carrying capacity
感知力 kanchiryoku Perception strength
幸運 kouun Good luck
魅力型 miryokugata Charm type
最大HP saidai HP Max HP
回避力 kaihiryoku Evasion strength
  • Character classes
バニー(Bunny)        タイプ:攻撃型   職業:女子高生 joshi kousei Female high school student
バッファロー(Buffalo) タイプ:攻撃型   職業:格闘家 kakutouka Grappler
シープ(Sheep)        タイプ:魔法型   職業:司書 shisho Librarian
ドラゴン(Dragon)     タイプ:魔法型   職業:呪術士 jujutsushi Sorcerer
フォックス(Fox)      タイプ:感覚型   職業:考古学者 koukogakusha Archaeologist
ライオン(Lion)       タイプ:感覚型   職業:エンジニア enjinia Engineer
キャット(Cat)        タイプ:魅力型   職業:モデル moderu Model
ラクーン(Raccoon)    タイプ:魅力型   職業:教師 kyoushi Teacher
  • From the チュートリアル dialog
チュートリアル実行Chuutoriaru jikkou Do the tutorial
ジャンプJanpu Jump
チュートリアルを実行しないChuutoriaru o jikkou shinai Skip the tutorial


SPOILER (highlight to read)
R - Run/Walk switch
M - Show/hide minimap
T - Show/hide short-cut window
1, 2, 3 - Select page of short-cut window
[ALT] Show monster levels
[PGDown] x 1 - Sit
[PGDown] x 2 - Sleep
[PGUp] (opposite to [PGDown]
D - Drill
[TAB] 1 to 1 chat
O - Show/hide Option window
Enter /? in chatwindow 'interesting command'.
[Space bar] hide shop messages etc.

[ENTER] - Chat window
[ESC] - Logout / Exit game / Return to menu



See the ! sign ? That's called the ビックリ sign and it shows who to speak to next.

Some points to note.

  • A summary of the important information from each NPC is given in 'spoiler-white' below each vocabulary list.
  • If you turn down a quest in the tutorial (monster guild quest etc.) you will not get the chance to change your mind!
  • It takes some doing, but if you manage to get killed in the tutorial and 'restart' you will arrive in the town. Don't panic. End the game then start again and you can re-join the tutorial where you left off.
  • Don't play silly games to get experience in the tutorial. The quests in the tutorial zone are level limited so you may find you can't take on tutorial quests because you are too high a level!
  • It's probably best not to form parties in the tutorial zone - but there should be no problem with 'Friend' links and chats.

See you in Trickster!

First NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

Trickster Walkthrough First NPC Transcript

SPOILER (highlight to read)
Summary: Left-click on ground to go there.

Second NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript below)

SPOILER (highlight to read)
Summary: R switches between Walk and Run. If carring 90% or over of weight limit can't run. Go to west of ミラ・ボー for next NPC.

(second NPC sure does talk a lot ;-)

  • Vocabulary (See transcript below)


SPOILER (highlight to read)
From left to right, <-> Show whole area, + Zoom in, Moon/sun time, 'A' alter transparency, ▽ minimize map

  • Vocabulary (See transcript below)

SPOILER (highlight to read)
Summary: Star sign shows shops and monster guilds, windmill signs show NPCs who will warp you to different locations, blue arrow shows warp portals, little face is where you are, scrolling text is where you are.

  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER (highlight to read)
Summary: Go to the NPC on the boat to the west.
Trickster Walkthrough Second NPC Transcript

Third NPC


Darn these NPC's are getting talkative.

  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER: (highlight to see)
Summary: Show Item window with I, Items are divided into usable, equipable, drill, pet and other. Buttons at the bottom of the item window allow you to see details of item, use item, throw-away item. Show card window with C.
Trickster Walkthrough Third NPC Transcript

Fourth NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER: (highlight to read) Item shops sell at different prices. Check item details with right-mouse click. Items can be sorted by clicking on title row. Arrows to select how many to buy. Not possible to buy more than you can afford or more than you can carry. Short-cut window panes 1,2,3 select by number. T shows / hides short cut window. Drag items into short cut window to set. Use with [F1] etc keys.
Trickster Walkthrough Fourth NPC Transcript

Fifth NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript below)

SPOILER: Highlight to read
Summary: Click on monster to attack. Right click on monster to show name and level. [ALT] to show level of all near monsters. Go to magic circle and kill the monster that appears then come back.

  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER: Highlight to read
When HP or MP go down use potions to restore them. But HP and MP restores slowly naturally. Also if you sit down [PGDOWN] or lie down [PGDOWN] x 2 then you recover faster. [PGUP] Stand-up. Go to monster guid and talk to ミラ
Trickster Walkthrough Fifth NPC Transcript

Sixth NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER: Highlight to read
Summary: Monster quests are a way of making level-uping through killing monsters more interesting. Monster guilds give quests to kill certain number of a particular type of monster in a time limit. Various rewards. Go to Training Garden and kill five トロビーs
Trickster Walkthrough Sixth NPC Transcript

Seventh NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER: Highlight to read
Summary: V to open status window (called My View), Open quest window with Q
Trickster Walkthrough Seventh NPC Transcript

Eighth NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript below)

SPOILER: Highlight to read
Summary: Drag drill from item window to equip slot. D to active drill. Click on ground to select where to drill. Left mouse button on (pause) / off (pause) to keep drill guage in 'active zone' on the right. Drill session ends when finished or goes of right end of gauge (overheat).

  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER: Highlight to read
Summary: Drills have a life, goes down one each time used. Drills each have their own characteristics that suit particular areas. Drills work to a certain depth, depth of items in ground varies with area. Type /深さ (/fukasa) in chat window to see how deep area is.
Trickster Walkthrough Eighth NPC Transcript

Ninth NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER: (highlight to read) Summary: Get five sheets of paper by drilling and bring back to the prince. Then back to the starting town and the 'skill temple'.
Trickster Walkthrough Ninth NPC Transcript

Tenth NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

Trickster Walkthrough Tenth NPC Transcript

Eleventh NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

Trickster Walkthrough Eleventh NPC Transcript

Twelfth NPC


  • Vocabulary (See transcript)

SPOILER: (hightlight to read)
Summary: P shows/hides the party window. 結成 button creates party, + sign added to cursor - click on people you want to join your party. You can also join parties recruiting in the 掲示板 from the party window. When recruiting yourself set options (party type, XP division, item division). + icon to add another member, - button to kick someone out, 解散 to dissolve the party. The party leader (only) can change party settings. パーティー脱退 button to leave.
Trickster Walkthrough Twelfth NPC Transcript

Thirteenth NPC


  • Vocabulary (see transcript)

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
'Ring command' (right click on own head). From top : My camp (set up tent), shop (set up shop), Announcement/Ad, Chat channels, Instant Channel(?), GM hotline, Options. /? does 'something interesting', [spacebar] hides junk messages. Note use of Banks and Warehouses to store stuff.
Trickster Walkthrough Thirteenth NPC Transcript

Leaving the Tutorial

Trickster Walkthrough Fourteenth NPC Transcript


  • Note that there are two different places you may end up after the tutorial (at random).

There is an NPC, ローズマリー, in both starting areas that will warp you to the other for a slight fee of 10G. If you want to meet up with someone make sure you have a character that is in the right starting point.

  • On dying.

There seems to be a, tiny, EXP penalty for dying after which you will restart in the last monster-free area you were in (usually starting town). Any monster quest you are on is canceled by your death, as well.

  • On quests.

There are two types of quests. "General quests" and "Monster quests". You can only do one monster quest at a time but you can have up to three general quests going at a time. You can cancel quests from the quest window. Actual quest details are given under their separate loctions (see below).

  • Items

There are various types of items, 使用、装備、ドリル、ペット、その後.


This is where paul_b's character started and most information has been gathered on this location.

This is the other newbie starting area. This area was made before the other and is is more complicated than Coral Beach. It also tends to be more crowded (hence slow) but that also means that the shops are better.

This is probably where you will go most after getting a few levels under your belt. If you are under Lv20 there won't be many quests you can do here.

The big city of Trickster. All monsters are above level 30 with many around level 40. You come here to get items for mastering a skill. Located west of the Desert Gate, and north west of Ghost Blue.

STILL NEEDED caballa relics
swamp area
Ooops Wharf
techichi volcano
tobasco volcano (hot)
snow hill
rose garden


Useing english names. Need verification and japanese names
Master Mong
Type: magic
Level: 55
HP: ~8,000
Strong against: magic
Weak against: Physical
Location: Coral Field 7- Master Mong's Village

Type: magic
Level: 80
HP: ~22,600
Strong against: magic
Weak against: wind, gun
Location: Pyramid Dungeon 7

Captain Skull
Type: power
Level: 100
HP: ?
Strong against: ?
Weak against: gun
Location: ?

Type: charm
Level: 121
HP: ~35,000
Strong against: magic
Weak against: physical, lightning, light
Location: ?


Wikipedia(the big one)

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