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Trickster Coral Beach

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Minor NPCs

  • ミラボー・ウォティ (Welcome to Coral Beach speech).
  • 飼育係 (Is busy, call back later).
  • アイラ (In shop, sells items (generally less expensive))
  • メル (In shop, sells items (generally more expensive))
  • ピア (In shop, offers タイマーチャージ service).
  • アンジェリナ (In shop, runs 倉庫).
  • リサ (In shop, runs 銀行).
  • ポール (In shop, 合成 service)
  • テラ (Tells where to go for monster quests)
  • エルロイ (Tells where to go for NPC quests)
  • セフィーラ (In スキル神殿, sells 魔法型 skill cards and such)
  • ルイス師匠 (In スキル神殿, sells 攻撃型 skill cards and such)
  • ティファ (In スキル神殿, sells 魅力型 skill cards and such)
  • ハカセ (In スキル神殿, sells 感覚型 skill cards and such)
  • ローズマリー (Provides teleport to マリンデザート for small fee)
  • ビーン (Says where ディーン is)

See Maps and Quests for major NPCs.




  • W - ワープ
  • D - ダンジョン
  • M - モンスターギルド
  • S - ショップ
  • T - スキル神殿
  • B - 一般建物

0. タウン
1. マリン・ブルー(フィールド1)
2. キュリオ・シティ(フィールド2)
3. 太陽の砂浜(フィールド3)
4. ビッグウエーブ(フィールド4)
5. 情熱の砂浜(フィールド5)
6. 緑の砂浜(フィールド6)







NOTE! Information in this section should be kept to a minimum to avoid spoiling the game. Players who wish to avoid real spoilers (ネタバレ) should not read this section.

Monster Quests

The quest offered depends on your character level for some NPCs.

Do not forget to equip all your armour / weapons and keep heal potions in your Shortcut table (double click or function key to use).


Lv 4 to 10 You will have to kill トトッチ, probably level 5 characters will have no problem.  
Lv 11 to 19+? You will have to kill クリオネ.
Lv 4 You will have to kill プリ, one time only quest.
Lv 5 to 8 You will have to kill 砕貝.
Lv 9 to 12 You will have to kill チビコラナ.
Lv 13 to 16? You will have to kill ぬすっともんきー
Lv 17? to 19+? You will have to kill 青ペンギン
Lv 4 to 19+? You will have to kill 極道プリ, probably level 9 characters will be able to manage it.
Lv 23? Some sort of 極道 monster quest. (Details unconfirmed).

NPC Quests

See フレンチメイド (rough location on map above). Lv 5 Req. You will need to use your drill (make sure it's equipped). Drilling in フィールド1 and フィールド3 should get you what you need, フィールド5 is better for drilling but be sure not to accidentally attack any monsters. You need to be level 5 to accept this quest but you can start drilling right away.

  • Quest 2:

See マーメイドマリン (rough location on map above). Lv 5 Req. Another drill quest, any field will do.

See ウィーナ (rough location on map above). Lv 5 Req. This quest requires you to make a long trip, go through a dungeon (or make several teleports, which is safer but not as cheap, but if you're up to fighing the monsters you can afford it) and fight monsters. Not for beginners.

See ディーン (rough location on map above). Lv 5 Req. Another drill quest, any field will do.

See ティーナ (rough location on map above). Lv 5 Req. Another drill quest, any field will do.

  • Quest 6: (NPC 6 does not give a quest as far as I know).
  • Quest 7:

See ビーン (rough location on map above marked ⑦). Lv ? Req. Item dropped by monster is required. ビーン is in a dangerous area so delivering the item will be difficult but more than that giving him the card is only the start of a "boss monster quest". NOT for beginners.

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