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Undocumented Features

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There are many undocumented features on TJP that are not Standard PHP-Fusion features. Here they may be documented.

This is a work in progress...



Because the smileys (like: :), :(, etc.) kept showing up in places where they were not wanted, the smileys on TJP need a 'space' before them in order to work. For example: "haha:)" will not create a smiley, but "haha :)" will.

There are also some non-standard smileys that are not available from the menu commonly seen at the bottom of a 'new post' form...

The Pirate smiley is 'P)' (capital 'P' plus ')').

Search Functions

  • Posts by UserId
  • Posts by Subject
  • Super Thread View


Spoiler Text

Sometimes you want to include some text, but don't want people to read the text unless they're really sure they want to. Enter the Spoiler code.

[spoiler]Spoiler Text[/spoiler]
The Spoiler Text will be hidden until the reader clicks on a link, then the Spoiler Text will be revealed.
Cowboy Beebop is a great anime, but be warned... [spoiler]Dike Spies!![/spoiler]

Date/Time Link

[utc]Optional Leading Text YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM Optional Trailing Text[/utc]
Will create a link to an external page that converts the YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM part to multiple timezones. The link text will be Optional Leading Text YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM Optional Trailing Text. Only the YY/MM/DD HH:MM part is required, the Date/Time given must be in the UTC (aka: GMT) timezone, the HH:MM part must be in 24hr format (e.g.: 1:30pm == 13:30).
The study group will meet [utc]Sunday 2006/09/24 12:00[/utc]

Wiki Link

[wiki]Wiki Page Name[/wiki]
Will create a link to the wiki page Wiki Page Name with the link text being the Wiki Page Name.
[wiki=Wiki Page Name]Link Text[/wiki]
Will create a link to the wiki page Wiki Page Name with the link text being Link Text.
  • Please see [wiki]Undocumented Features[/wiki].
  • Please see [wiki=Undocumented Features]this page[/wiki].

Skype Online Status

Skype has a function where you can include your online status as an image link which performs a particular function when clicked. See:

This has been integrated into TJP as a BBCode addition:

will give the default online-status image which when clicked will perform the call me function.
will give the online-status image which when clicked will perform the specified function. The available functions are:
  • call -- call me. (the default)
  • add -- add me to your roster.
  • chat -- chat with me.
  • userinfo -- view my profile.
  • voicemail -- leave me voicemail.
  • sendfile -- send me a file.
Contact me via Skype [skype]myusername[/skype].
View my Profile [skype=userinfo]myusername[/skype].
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