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There are many undocumented features on TJP that are not Standard PHP-Fusion features. Here they may be documented.

This is a work in progress...



  • Pirate

Search Functions

  • Posts by User


  • Spoiler
  • Wiki Link
  • Date/Time Link


Skype has a function where you can include your online status as an image link which performs a particular function when clicked. See: http://www.skype.com/share/buttons/status.html

This has been integrated into TJP as a BBCode addition:

will give the default online-status image which when clicked will perform the call me function.
will give the online-status image which when clicked will perform the specified function. The available functions are:
  • call -- call me. (the default)
  • add -- add me to your roster.
  • chat -- chat with me.
  • userinfo -- view my profile.
  • voicemail -- leave me voicemail.
  • sendfile -- send me a file.
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