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Hi! My name is Branden, you may know me as 血まみれ剣術師 or Chima here on The Japanese Page. I have always had a great fascination in languages since a very young age. Learning a language for me is tedious, yet it is very rewarding in the end when you have finally achieved what you set out to accomplish. I learned about TJP after ordering some Genki Books with a Student CD off in December of 2008. One of the books I had bought was from The Japanese Page owner Clay. He had put advertisement banners in the packaging about both The Japanese Page and The Japanese Shop. I created my first account with TJP on 12.19.2008 originally known as... After technical complications with my old account not functioning properly, I decided I was going to create another account. Thankfully my new account is functioning properly, so now I've begun to contribute to The Japanese Page. I'm still considered somewhat a beginner in Japanese, but that doesn't mean I'm a novice. I'm hoping to become a master at speaking Japanese someday with hard work and determination.

血まみれ「の」剣術師 ちまみれ「の」けんじゅつし chimamire[no]kenjutsushi
English Translation: Blood Stained Swordsman


Upcoming Articles

The Ainu People

An overview of the Ainu people.

The Yakuza: Organized Crime

An overview of the Yakuza.

血まみれ剣術師 08:53, 20 November 2009 (UTC)

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