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The very first time I visited Tjp was around November 2005.

The very first time I joined the flash chat was around December 2005.

And the very first person I met was our beloved Coco-san !

Some people are born with an abundance of wholesome qualities. They are kind, thoughtful, respectful, considerate of others and take delight in teaching others. All of these fine qualities are difficult to obtain, but not impossible. You can find all of these in a person called COCO ^^

Coco-san chose an Owl as her avatar. Zengargoyle-san told me Owl symbolises wisdom, Owl - Bird of Wisdom. Yes, indeed she is a smart and sharp person.

She is also a attentive person. When replying to posts (from hobbies, games, food, culture, love stuffs, jokes, wedding to funeral etc etc….), one can feel that she tries her very best to understand every single word from us, and makes every effort to ensure that she gets her point across clearly. She is always full of energy and and her "never-say-die" attitude is something I must learn from her.

Her high level Japanese has always sent me to cyberspace!! In order to enlighten me, she has to find different ways to explain such as using pictures etc etc... hehe.... I hope she will still eat well and sleep well...

She is simply modest as well. She always says that her EngRish is poor, however, great advances have been noticed in her English. Once in a blue moon, I’m amazed with her 秀逸の英語 ! 頑張ってください Coco-san!



獅子城 公元兩千零六年七月十三日傍晚八點整

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