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有頂天 Ecstasy

Japanese proverbs





うちょうてん u chou ten
Have (reached) the highest heaven
English Equivalent
On cloud nine; ecstasy; in raptures; be elated 

有頂天 is a translation of the sanskrit word for the highest heaven in Buddhism.

A 2005 star-studded comedy movie directed by 三谷幸喜 Mitani Koki was titled THE有頂天ホテル.

OK, it isn't a FOUR character 四字熟語! But it is still useful!


Example Sentence

ichi oku en no takarakuji o ateta hito wa uchouten ni natta.
The person who won the hundred million yen lottery was in ecstasy.


Vocabulary image

一億 ichi oku—100,000,000
宝くじ takara kuji—lottery
あてた ateta—hit the mark (for the lotter) [当ててみて atete mite Take a guess]
あてた人 ateta hito—the person who won (the lottery)
になった ni natta—になる

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