Kanji: 休 yasumu Rest

JLPT N5: 29 / 100 | 6 Strokes

On: キュウ
Kun: やす・む

Meaning: rest; vacation

Kanji Parts: 亻 person (人); 木 tree

Mnemonic: A person 亻 rests on a tree 木

Stroke Order:


  • 夏休み natsu yasumi – summer vacation
  • 昼休み hiru yasumi – lunch break
  • お休みなさい oyasuminasai – Good night!

Example Sentence:


yasunda hou ga ii.
We had better rest.

  • 休んだ rest [while this appears to be in the past tense, it is only conjugated so to work with "hou ga ii"]
  • ほうがいい it would be better to (rest) [To learn more and see more examples about this useful construction, please see here.]

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