Kanji: 山 mountain

JLPT N5: 61 / 100 | 3 Strokes

On: サン
Kun: やま

Meaning: mountain

Kanji Parts:

  • 凵 (a pictogram of a cave ) with a line through it
  • But this is easy enough to see as a mountain range


  • Think of it as a mountain range with three peaks.

Stroke Order:

Kanji for mountain 山


  • 火山 ka zan—a volcano [lit. fire mountain]
  • 富士山 fuji san—Mt. Fuji [contrary to popular belief the “san” in “fujisan” is not “Mr.” “ Fujisan” does not mean, “Mr. Fuji”.]
  • ごみの山 gomi no yama—a mountain of garbage
  • 山 yama—a mountain

Example Sentence:


fujisan ni nobotta koto ga arimasu ka?
Have you climbed Mt. Fuji before?

  • 富士山 Mt. Fuji
  • に (indicates direction)
  • 登ったことがあります To have climbed [the ことがある construction means "to have done". Click here for more on this.]
  • か (question marker)

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