I am new to Premiere 2 but it had been working well.  Then suddenly, the audio stopped audioing.  I did a quick Google search for ‘premiere no sound’ and got several forums with a similar problem.  However it seemed most people’s problem was with the main playback only.  They could hear the audio while scrubbing or in the small preview window.  I couldn’t hear ANY audio.
Turns out the solution is simple.  I found it here. But just to make it easier for the next guy, I thought I should also post it on this blog.
If you can play video but can’t hear audio, your audio is probably set to play with some external device.  To change it back to the computer’s sound card do this:
Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware > (And change the device)
Now, I am once again a happy camper.

  • Awesome! I am very glad it helped someone.
    I was about to pull my hair out too! I still don’t know what happened, but at least I know how to ‘fix’ it now.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • hi, man, i’ve been trying to fix this audio problem for some weeks and did’t find any help anywhere. but this tip was wonderful, i finally fixed it!! thanks a lot! i live in brasil, you can’t imagine how this tip is helpfull in any part of the world!! thanks again!!!

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