[REVIEW] Japanese Rocket - Learn Japanese Online

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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[REVIEW] Japanese Rocket - Learn Japanese Online

Post by balambino » Mon 09.09.2013 10:54 am

My name is Tomek and Im from Poland - Warsaw. Five months ago I went to Tokio for work. I totally do not know the language. Totally! Even the basics, I could not even say my name. For one month I had to go to work and... my japanese kauptt!

Unfortunately, I did not have the possibility to follow the course. So I searched the internet, I learned at home, i watch japanese TV... For nothing! Finally, one day I came across a whole ROCKET JAPANESE COURS. And you know what? I had awesome luck. I can not say at the beginning I wsas hesitated.

I decided to purchase a course ... I do not regret. No, I have not learned everything to perfection. I sat on the laptop until late at night. I studied. In exactly one and a half month mastered the Spain to the point that I was accepted to work. I was able to function perfectly with each able to get along. Of course, all with Rocket Japenese.

You know, still with that I use, there are still perfecting the smallest filter rule but that's because I'm an idealist. Rocket Japanese is an enormous encyclopedia of everything that we need. Of course that was not too colorful - it has a few tiny flaws, but it's nothing. It is worth noting that on this course MUCH has been written in the newspapers. To this should add a lot of satisfied participants.

Overall, I really recommend, review and rate you can order here: http://tinyurl.com/oegtlhv

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