dorm or homestay?

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dorm or homestay?

Post by ancientweird » Sat 10.20.2007 3:53 pm

I am specifically asking about anyones experience in attending Sofia University in Tokyo. Any pluses and minuses I should know about for the various types of living arrangements? Right now I am assuming that homestay would be better for language learning and dorming would be better for socializing with classmates. Anyone with experience doing either?

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RE: dorm or homestay?

Post by prep_girl_Nessa » Sat 10.20.2007 7:48 pm

If I get my scholarship money and go over this summer, I'm doing the dorms. I figure it's better because there will be more people there. I definitely want to catch at least one or two concerts while I'm there, and there's a greater chance I'll find someone with the same music interests at school.

I won't have the Japanese at home experience, but I'd much rather check out more of the popular culture, which I think I'll be better off in the dorms for.

It all depends on you, though; it depends on your interests and what family you'll get put into. Try to get more info on the types of families you might get hooked up with.

I'm just worried I'd end up with a group of people who do loads of tea ceremonies and stuff I'd screw up because of my 3 second attention span :D
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RE: dorm or homestay?

Post by tōkai devotee » Sun 10.21.2007 12:42 am

In my experience homestay is the greatest! It really helped my language learning. When I was in a dorm situation, I was put together with kids from Brazil and China, and therefore, although it was great fun and all, wasn't ideal for Japanese learning. I totally understand the previous poster's opinion, but it depends what you are looking for, and your personal taste I suppose.

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RE: dorm or homestay?

Post by Feba » Sun 10.21.2007 6:13 am

it's all opinion. Do you want to become great with familial culture? Do you want your own space and rules, to some extent? How much freedom do you want? What do you think of curfews? These are all things that will depend on yourself and where you are planning on staying.

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