August 13, 2023

How to Use 心地 in Japanese


The Japanese word 心地(ここち) is often used to express a feeling, sensation, or mood. It is commonly found in compound words and expressions to describe how something feels.

The kanji are as follows:

heart; mind; feeling

earth; ground; place

So, together it means "heart place" or "state of mind."

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居心地(いごこち) (comfortableness of a place)

from the verb ()る (to be; to exist; to stay)


I often come to talk with friends at this café because it's comfortable.


(すわ)心地(ごこち) (comfortableness of sitting)

from (すわ)る (to sit)


The sitting comfort of this chair is the best. (The comfort of this chair is amazing)


Here are a few more useful compound words using 心地(ここち).

If you would like more sentence break downs, please consider becoming a Makoto+ member. Members can download the full PDF with sound files by clicking here.

着心地(きごこち) (comfortableness of wearing clothes)

from ()る (to wear)

寝心地(ねごこち) (comfortableness of sleeping)

from ()る (to sleep)

(さわ)心地(ごこち) (comfortableness of touch)

from (さわ)る (to touch)

()心地(ごこち) (comfortableness of listening)

from ()く (to listen)

(ある)心地(ごこち) (comfortableness of walking, e.g., shoes)

from (ある)く (to walk)

()心地(ごこち) (comfortableness of riding, e.g., a car)

from ()る (to ride)

()心地(ごこち) (comfortableness of writing, e.g., a pen)

from ()く (to write)

()心地(ごこち) (comfortableness of drinking, e.g., a beverage)

from ()む (to drink)

夢心地(ゆめごこち) (dreamy; as if in a dream)

from (ゆめ) (dream))

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