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Here's a taste of a beginner level sentence which comes out every single Wednesday morning: (Click the arrow next to Vocabulary to listen to the sound files and view the vocabulary notes)

7/28/2020: Jogging



Too easy?! No problem.

We also publish a weekly intermediate-level sentence taken straight from the Japanese news. Not only will you learn about the language, but also, you'll learn about what's going on in Japan right now!

7/31/2020: Gas Explosion


Sentences and other content (like haiku, podcast extra content, or Japanese tongue twisters) are being added on a near daily basis for both Samurai and Shogun members. The only difference is Shogun members get unlimited access to all the previous content and Samurai members only get the newest.

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What is Makoto?


Makoto - a monthly e-zine for beginner to intermediate learners of Japanese. It is a digital magazine with all the good stuff not usually found in textbooks. It has articles on Japanese grammar, kanji, culture, and art. Each issue also includes two complete short stories with vocabulary, grammar explanations, and two sound files of each story (normal speed and slower).

I love this e-zine. It helps me understand the culture and the language. I highly recommend it.

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You can still print the PDF version or send the ePub or Kindle Mobi versions to your e-reader or phone app. This web-based version is in addition to the downloadable files.

Your website (Makoto+) is easy to use, has lots of authentic, interesting language and I LOVE all of the audio clips for practicing.

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Enjoy bonus features like our weekly "Repetition and Shadowing with This Week's Topic." Listen to a sentence taken directly from this week's headlines over and over again until you can not only understand it completely, but also mimic the speaker's pronunciation. Each sentence has 2-3 keywords that are the hot topic today in Japan.

I would like to add that the new shadowing feature is a stroke of genius. My Japanese is nowhere near good enough to attempt a newspaper article, but giving key vocab and structures like this helps with getting to know what's in the news in Japan. Thank you for your excellent work.

Current Makoto+ Member

We have more benefits coming soon including exclusive daily email lessons on kanji, vocabulary, geography, and more. We want Makoto+ to not only help improve your Japanese proficiency but also to help you learn about Japanese history and culture.

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makoto 1

The (Makoto+) site feels very generous and makes me feel special / appreciated / part of a group of other happy Japanese learners.

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There is something for every lover of Japan and Japanese. 

Jokes, vocabulary, kanji lessons, hiragana readers, stories for upper beginners and intermediates, cultural articles, and much more.

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