January 9, 2018

My Mouth is Heavy! Not Saying Much with Japanese Idiom 口が重い

Japanese Idiom Lesson:

kuchi ga omoi
This is used when someone speaks only a little or is very quiet.

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The antonym of this expression is 口が軽い。 kuchi ga karui. One’s mouth is light.

This idiom literally means, “mouth is heavy.” A heavy mouth doesn’t say much.


Because Sato is naturally quiet, she didn’t say anything during her date.

佐藤 satou—Sato (a Japanese last name)
wa—[topic particle] (written with hiragana “ha” but pronounced “wa” when used as particle.
ので node—therefore; because
デート中 de-to chuu—during a date
なにも nanimo—nothing; not at all
話しませんでした hanashimasen deshita—didn’t speak

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