Adding たて to some verbs means just (done), freshly (made), or generally indicates an activity which has just occurred.


Add ~たて after the -masu verb stem:

焼く → 焼きます → 焼きます  → 焼きたて
plain form → masu form → drop the masu → add たて

It is almost always written in kana, but the kanji is 立 (stand).

~たて is most often used with food. Fresh food!

Food examples


yaki tate no pan

freshly baked bread

  • 焼く to bake; roast; broil; toast
  • パン bread


age tate no tenpura

just fried tempura

  • 揚げる to deep-fry
  • 天ぷら tempura; deep-fried fish or vegetables in a light batter


taki tate no gohan

freshly cooked rice

  • 炊く to cook; to boil; to simmer
  • ご飯 cooked rice; meal in general


tsumi tate no ichigo

newly picked strawberries

  • 摘む to pinch; to pick up (with fingers; chopsticks; tweezers; etc)
  • イチゴ strawberry


deki tate no ryouri

just made food

  • 出来る to be able to do (something); to be made
  • 料理 cooking; cuisine


hiki tate no ko-hi-

freshly-ground coffee

  • 挽く to grind (coffee beans); to mill 
  • コーヒー coffee


tsuki tate no mochi

freshly pounded mochi (rice cake)

  • 搗く to hull (barley; rice; etc); to pound (rice); to polish (rice)
  • 餅 mochi; sticky rice cake


shobori tate no ju-su

freshly squeezed juice

  • 絞る to wring; to squeeze
  • ジュース juice [this can also refer to soft drinks (sweet, non-alcoholic beverages whether carbonated or not)]


kumi tate no mizu

freshly-drawn water

  • 汲む to draw (water); to fetch (water); to dip
  • 水 water

Non-food examples


umare tate no koushi

new born calf

  • 生む to give birth; to bear (children); to lay (eggs)
  • 子牛 calf; small cow


nuri tate no kabe

 freshly painted wall

  • 塗る to paint; to plaster; to lacquer
  • 壁 wall


penki nuri tate

wet paint

  • ペンキ paint
  • 塗る to paint; to plaster; to lacquer


menkyo tori tate

just got a license (new driver)

  • 免許 license; permit
  • とる to take


arai tate no fuku

just washed clothes

  • 洗う to wash; to cleanse; to rinse
  • 服 clothes


suri tate no shinbun

fresh off the press newspaper

  • 刷る to print
  • 新聞 newspaper

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