May 30, 2023

What’s the difference between 乗り越す and 乗り過ごす?

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What's the difference between ()()す and ()()ごす?

The Main Meaning

In Japanese, "()()す" and "()()ごす" both involve riding or being on a public transportation system, but they have slightly different meanings.

First, let’s break down the two phrases.

Kanji Vocabulary



  • 乗: ride, power, multiplication, record, counter for vehicles, board, mount, join
  • 越: surpass, cross over, move to, exceed, Vietnam



  • 乗: ride, power, multiplication, record, counter for vehicles, board, mount, join
  • 過: overdo, exceed, go beyond, error


This simply refers to the act of riding beyond the destination where you've paid to go on a public transportation system, such as a train or a bus. It's like going past the point that your ticket allows you to go, either on purpose or by mistake, which often involves paying an additional fare afterwards. There is a phrase: "()()精算(せいさん)" which means "fare settlement for the extra ride". You need to have this done after you get off the vehicle so you can pay the extra fare you owe, and this fee is called "()()料金(りょうきん)" (fare for the extra ride).



Translation and Vocabulary


This refers to missing your intended stop because you didn't get off the vehicle by mistake or for other unintended reasons. This could be because you were distracted, asleep, or for any other reasons that resulted in you not exiting at your destination.



Translation and Vocabulary

In Conclusion

So, while both terms involve going past a particular point while riding a vehicle, ()()ごすmeans "accidentally or unintentionally missing the stop". On the other hand, "()()す" can be used for situations that are both intentional and also unintentional.

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