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Frog Song

かえる ・聞こえてくるよ・ぐぁ ぐぁ ぐぁ ぐぁ・げろ げろ げろ げろ・ぐぁ  ぐぁ ぐぁ

The Frog's Song

kaeru no uta ga
The frog's song

kikoete kuru yo
we can hear it (the song)

ぐぁ ぐぁ ぐぁ ぐぁ
gwa gwa gwa gwa
ribbit <frog noise>

げろ げろ げろ げろ
gero gero gero gero
ribbit <more frog noise>

ぐぁ ぐぁ ぐぁ
gwa gwa gwa
ribbit <still more frog noise>


かえる kaeru - Frog
no - 's (possessive)
uta - song
ga - subject marker / particle

聞こえてくる kikoetekuru - able to hear gradually - (the feeling is we are approaching the frogs and their voices are getting louder.)
yo - 'hey you' or 'listen you!'

ぐぁ gwa & げろ gero - the effect of a frog singing

Another meaning of
げろ gero is 'to throw up; puke'

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wa...frog song..

wa...frog song..

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