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iPhone Application: Japanese 101: Kansai Dialect

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Kansai-ben on your iPhone / iTouch

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iPhone Japanese app

-=iPhone or iTouch for Upper Beginners + =-

Beginners can get a lot out of this, but Intermediates may find this app more useful.

Upper Beginners +

Created by Harvey & Chika at JapanNewbie.com, this app covers 240+ essential Kansai dialect words & phrases with sounds and explanation.

Japanese 101: Kansai Dialect

With this application even beginners completely new to Japanese can learn to understand and speak phrases in the Kansai dialect (Kansai-ben). Japanese 101: Kansai Dialect is fully functional on the iPhone and iPod Touch. There is no need to be connected to the Internet when using this application.

Japanese 101: Kansai Dialect includes 240+ Kansai-ben phrases and expressions, including the Japanese text, romaji (Japanese written using English characters), and an English translation for each. Most phrases also include notes that explain what the expression would be in standard Japanese (標準語 hyoujungo) or give other cultural tidbits of interest. You can also hear a native Japanese voice actress from Osaka speak each phrase at native speed and additionally at a slower speed to ensure that you catch every syllable.

Here is an example of a particularly unique Kansai-ben phrase from the application.

Here is the normal speed pronunciation:

Here is the slow speed pronunciation:

iPhone Japanese app  

If you have seen Japanese comedy game shows, movies, or anything spoken with Japanese people from Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, or Nara, you’ve probably noticed that they often use phrases and expressions that you cannot find in your textbooks… or even in your dictionary!

These Kansai-jin (people from West Japan, i.e., the Kansai area) are using the colorful and fun expressions from the Kansai dialect. Now you can learn a wealth of key Kansai-ben phrases on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can study these Kansai-ben phrases in three different ways with this application.

1) Study Pages: See a list of the phrases and expressions on one convenient, scrollable page organized by category. Touch the phrase of interest to see a page with the Japanese text, the romaji, the English translation, and the notes. Touch again to hear the phrase spoken by a native Japanese voice actress from Osaka at native speed. You can also hear the phrase spoken extra slowly to be sure to catch every syllable.

2) Flash Cards: Select one of the categories; choose to display the Japanese or the English on the front of the flashcard; swipe your finger to flip the card to see the meaning and notes; and tap the sound icon to hear it spoken.

3) Quiz Mode: Select one or more categories and 15 random multiple-choice questions will be generated from those categories. Test your knowledge in a fun and interactive way. After the quiz finishes you can review the phrases you missed.

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