November 17, 2020

お世辞 flattery; kissing up


flattery; kissing up

o se ji
flattery, kissing up

お o I believe this o is used to sarcastically give it an honorific feel
世 se world; generation
辞 ji word; resign (from a post)

ごますり goma suri - similar to oseji ; kissing up... ; [lit. rubbing seseme] [I]
世界 se kai - the world [B]
辞書 ji sho - dictionary [B]

This hand motion means "kissing up" and represents grinding sesame.



sekai no shihaisha to iwareru to, oseji demo ureshii.
Call me the dictator of the world and I will be happy, even if its only flattery.


  • 世界 se kai - the world
  • 支配者 shi hai sha - ruler the 者 indicates a person
  • と言われると to iwareru to - if you say [the first と quotes the previous line and the second と connects to the second part of the sentence]
    でも demo - even if...
    うれしい ureshii - happy

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