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Includes PDF, Kindle MOBI, and ePub formats. This is everything you need to quickly and painlessly learn hiragana. Includes: 5 printable PDFs including our forty-eight-page Hiragana Booklet, Flashcards and Posters AND audio files. In all, almost 14 megs of media to aid in the mastering of Hiragana.

  • 48 Printable PDF
  • Sound files so you can be certain of the correct pronunciation
  • PDF Posters; PDF Practice Writing Pad; MP3s
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  • Kindle and ePub ebook formats also included
  • ePub works on Android devices with FBReader and possibly other EPUB book reader apps.

REVISED EDITION now with FREE MP3s and Printable PDFs as a download.

Many teachers recommend learning hiragana as a first step toward Japanese proficiency. Helpful mnemonics and illustrations help the student quickly learn the characters painlessly.

You can learn hiragana in less than two weeks using this book if you can set aside a few minutes a day to study.

  • Helpful Mnemonics
  • Fully Illustrated
  • Covers all forty-six main characters plus all the variations
  • History and helpful hints throughout
  • Writing Practice Sheets
  • Download and print more PDF practice sheets and the sound files of all hiragana for free.

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**The fun Japanese not usually found in textbook**

  • Laughs, Jokes, Riddles, and Puns
  • Vocabulary
  • Prefecture Spotlight
  • Etymology
  • Anime Phrase of the Day
  • Haiku
  • Kanji Spotlight
  • Grammar Time!
  • Japanese Readers and sooo much more
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