March 26, 2023

短文チャレンジ #3 – About Mt. Fuji 富士山

短文(たんぶん)チャレンジ – About Mt. Fuji

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Read the news, cultural articles, and history notes in levels

How to improve your Japanese vocabulary and reading skills with 100 Word Challenge. While you can approach these lessons in any order, here are a few tips:

  • Review the Key Vocabulary below
  • Read the story in either the EASY version or the native-level  NORMAL version or both (Click or tap the tabs to view the essay)
  • Read again while listening to the audio
  • Listen to the audio alone
  • Take the quiz to test sentence structure and understanding. The first few questions are based on the simplified article and the last are based on the native-level article.
  • Lastly, leave a comment about the article ! Let us know what you think!

Mount Fuji, Japan's iconic peak, is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty.

Did you know that this majestic mountain is actually a volcano with three separate peaks? That's right, it's a triple threat! And while it may be a dormant volcano, it last erupted back in 1707, covering nearby towns in a blanket of ash.

Climbing Mount Fuji is a popular pastime, with over 300,000 adventurers making the trek each year, many of whom follow the ancient tradition of watching the sunrise from the summit.

But wait, there's more! Mt. Fuji's influence doesn't stop at its slopes. It has inspired countless works of art, such as Hokusai's famous woodblock prints, "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji." And for the cherry on top, this awe-inspiring mountain became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.

 How cool is that? You know what's even cooler? Reading about Mt. Fuji in actual Japanese. Review the vocabulary below and get started by using the tabs above or to the left. 


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Easy Version Vocabulary

  • 富士山(ふじさん) Mount Fuji
  • 日本(にほん) Japan
  • 一番(いちばん) the most; number one
  • (たか)い high; tall
  • (やま) mountain
  • (たか)さ height
  • メートル - meters
  • 静岡県(しずおかけん) Shizuoka Prefecture
  • 山梨県(やまなしけん) Yamanashi Prefecture
  • (あいだ) between
  • (うつく)しい beautiful
  • 自然(しぜん) nature
  • シンボル - symbol
  • 日本人(にほんじん) Japanese people
  • 大切(たいせつ) important; valuable
  • 場所(ばしょ) place
  • 毎年(まいとし) every year
  • たくさん - many; a lot
  • (ひと) people
  • (のぼ)る to climb
  • 登山(とざん) mountain climbing
  • シーズン - season
  • 7(がつ) July
  • 8(がつ) August
  • その(あいだ) during that time
  • 天気(てんき) weather
  • ()くて good; favorable
  • (あたた)かい warm
  • 火山(かざん) volcano
  • (いま) now
  • 活動(かつどう) activity; action
  • ()る to see; to look at
  • ことができる - can; be able to
  • 場所(ばしょ) place
  • たくさん - many; a lot
  • (たと)えば for example
  • 東京(とうきょう) Tokyo
  • 新幹線(しんかんせん) Shinkansen; bullet train
  • ()ける can go; be able to go
  • 富士急(ふじきゅう)ハイランド Fujikyu Highland
  • 富士五湖(ふじごこ) Fuji Five Lakes
  • (ひと)つ one (for objects)
  • 河口湖(かわぐちこ) Lake Kawaguchi
  • など - and so on; etc.
  • 日本(にほん) Japan
  • 風物詩(ふうぶつし) poetic charm; characteristic
  • (おお)くの many
  • 芸術家(げいじゅつか) artist
  • 詩人(しじん) poet
  • インスピレーション - inspiration
  • (あた)えてきました has given; provided
  • だから  therefore; so
  • (おとず)れる to visit
  • 文化(ぶんか) culture
  • (かん)じる to feel; to experience
  • 素晴(すば)らしい wonderful; splendid
  • 経験(けいけん) experience

Normal Version Vocabulary

  • 富士山(ふじさん) Mount Fuji
  • 日本(にほん) Japan
  • (もっと)も most
  • 有名(ゆうめい) famous
  • (うつく)しい beautiful
  • (やま) mountain
  • (たか)さ height
  • メートル meters
  • 国内(こくない) domestic; within the country
  • 静岡県(しずおかけん) Shizuoka Prefecture
  • 山梨県(やまなしけん) Yamanashi Prefecture
  • 位置(いち) position; location
  • 四季(しき) four seasons
  • (つう)じて throughout
  • さまざま various
  • (うつく)しさ beauty
  • (とく)に particularly; especially
  • (はる) spring
  • (さくら) cherry blossoms
  • (とも)に together with
  • 素晴(すば)らしい wonderful; splendid
  • 景色(けしき) scenery; landscape
  • (ひろ)がります to spread; to extend
  • (なつ) summer
  • 登山(とざん) mountain climbing
  • シーズン season
  • 7(がつ) July
  • 8(がつ) August
  • (おお)くの many
  • 人々(ひとびと) people
  • 挑戦(ちょうせん) challenge; attempt
  • 周辺(しゅうへん) vicinity; surrounding area
  • 観光(かんこう) sightseeing
  • スポット spot
  • たくさん many; a lot
  • (たと)えば for example
  • 富士五湖(ふじごこ) Fuji Five Lakes
  • 富士急(ふじきゅう)ハイランド FujiQ Highland
  • 家族(かぞく) family
  • (たの)しめる to enjoy
  • 場所(ばしょ) place
  • また also; furthermore
  • 歴史(れきし) history
  • 文化(ぶんか) culture
  • (ふか)く deeply
  • (かか)わって involved; connected
  • (おお)くの many
  • 芸術作品(げいじゅつさくひん) art works; pieces of art
  • () poem
  • 登場(とうじょう) appearance; entry
  • (おとず)れる to visit
  • (うつく)しい beautiful
  • 自然(しぜん) nature
  • ()れる to touch; to come into contact with
  •  ことができます able to do

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