January 14, 2022

猪突猛進 headlong rush; rushing recklessly [UPPER BEGINNERS+]


headlong rush; rushing recklessly

  • 猪突【ちょとつ】recklessness; foolhardiness
  • 猛進【もうしん】rushing madly ahead


  • 猪 (wild boar) 
  • 突 (stab; thrust; pierce; sudden)
  • 猛 (fierce; rush; furious; wild)
  • 進 (advance; progress)

The idiom is used when someone or something rushes into a situation head on, without a plan or much thought.


A brave man who rushes forward

  • 猪突猛進する headlong rush
  •  勇者【ゆうしゃ】 hero; the brave; man of valor


There are times one must have the courage to rush in.

  • 時に sometimes
  • は as for (topic marker)
  • 猪突猛進する勇気 bravery that rushes in
  • が必要だ is necessary

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