October 26, 2017

位置について、用意、ドン! Get ready, set, go!


Get ready, set, go!

ichi ni tsuite, youi, don!
Get ready, set, go!

位置 ichi place, placement, your mark
用意 youi ready, prepare
ドン don the sound of a gun fire

一位 ichi i - first place [I]
意見 iken - opinion [B]
専用 sen you - exclusive use [B]
意味 imi - meaning [B]
注意 chuui - warning [B]
用心棒 you jin bou - a body guard [I]



ichi ni tsuite, youi, DONGURI!
On your marks, get set, ACORN!

  • どんぐり donguri - acorn Instead of ドン! we replace it with どんぐり which means an (oak) acorn. Has the same sound starting out.

A True Story

Once, I was the announcer for a race between Japanese students and some English teachers. As the runners lined up, I shouted, "ichi ni tsuite...", and everyone got in position. Then, I shouted, "youi..." and everyone prepared to begin the race. But when I yelled, "DONGURI" the foreigners all took off with precision and speed, but the Japanese took one step and then fell to the ground laughing! I still feel a little guilty for that. Sorry guys.

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