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夏嵐なつあらし 机上きじょう白紙はくし くす

natsu arashi / kijou no hakushi / tobi tsukusu

A summer storm / the papers upon my desk / are blown away

Key Haiku Terms

季語 kigo seasonal words - Within the poem, at least one word or phrase should symbolize one of the four seasons. 

切れ字 kireji cutting words - These are small words that often function as a placeholder so the verse has the right number of moras.  They also function to give a certain emotional or sentimental flavor to the poem.

夏嵐なつあらし 机上きじょう白紙はくし くす



  • 夏嵐 summer storm [夏 (summer); 嵐 (storm)]
  • 机上の on the desk; [机 (desk); 上の~ (on ~; above ~); 上 (above; up) + の is a modifying particle that connects the modifying (机上) and the modified (白紙); 机上 is not a normally used word, but it is used in formal writing or concise poems and such. 机の上の (白紙) would be what is used for “(blank papers) on the desk”]
  • 白紙 blank papers [白 (white); 紙 (paper); it could be “white paper”, but the author being a famous poet it is easily understood as “blank papers”]
  • 飛び尽くす are all blown away [飛び (to fly; to jump; to hop); 尽くす (to exhaust; to run out; to run out of; to devote; used as a suffix to mean for “completely” or “to the point of exhaustion”); “masu-stem verb + 尽くす”; the verb combination of 飛び尽す is not so commonly used. One normal expression example would be 全部飛んだ (all flew away), but the not-so-common wording gives a poetic interest.]  
  • 夏、暑い日に窓を開けていると、突然涼しい風が吹いてきて、机の上にあった白い紙が全部飛んで行ってしまいました。

    On a hot, summer day, when one opens a window, a sudden cool breeze blows in, and the blank papers that were on his desk suddenly fly away.

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