October 27, 2017

ほっぺが落ちる Delicious

ほっぺが落ちる (  お )

very delicious

hoppe ga ochiru
very oishii (its so delicious, my cheek will fall)

ほっぺ hoppe cheek (face part)
落ちる ochiru fall, drop

見落とし mi otoshi - overlook [I]
猿も木から落ちる saru mo ki kara ochiru - even monkeys fall from trees (proverb) [I]
ほっぺ hoppe - cheek [B]



nihon ni sundeiru gaijin kurei wa hisashiburi ni tako janai mekishiko ryouri no takosu o tabete hoppe ga ochisou datta.
The foreigner Clay living in Japan had a very rare Mexican non-octopus (tako) taco, which resulted in having his cheeks fall.

  • 日本 ni hon - Japan
  • に住んでいる ni sundeiru - living in...
  • 外人 gai jin - foreigner (more polite is 外国人 gai koku jin)
  • クレイ kurei - Clay (my name)
  • 久し振り hisashi buri - its been a long time
  • 蛸 tako - octopus (the play with words here is that the sound tako can mean octopus or Taco)
  • じゃない ja nai - not
  • メキシコ料理 mekishiko ryou ri - Mexican food
  • タコス takosu - taco
  • 食べて tabete - eat and...
  • そうだった sou datta - it seemed as though...

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